Florida Woman Cut Out Mother's Eyes With Kitchen Knife, Cops Say

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In a gruesome act of violence, a Lake Worth woman allegedly attacked her mother, dragged her by the hair, broke her arms and nose, and then cut her eyes out with a kitchen knife.

The victim's eyes were found in a pool of blood next to the knife by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, according to an arrest report.

When questioned by police on why she attacked her mother, Ferna Quesner, 34, reportedly told them she thought her mother was a cat.

According to police, Quesner attacked her mother, 59-year-old Blonia Quesner, on the night of July 4 at 4556 Gulfstream Road in unincorporated Lake Worth, where both women reportedly lived.

Police arrived to the home after neighbors called 911. There they found a crime scene they described as "appalling," with Ferna covered in blood standing over her disfigured and unconscious mother in the doorway in the home.

When questioned about the attack, Ferna reportedly told police, "I was trying to kill the cat, and she is the cat."

According to the Sun Sentinel, Blonia is in critical condition having suffered a broken nose, two broken forearms, and bleeding in the brain.

The Sentinel also reports that Ferna had been committed for mental health treatment under the state's Baker Act four times since November 2001.

She now faces a charge of aggravated domestic battery with a deadly weapon.

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frankd4 topcommenter

too bad the mother didn't have a GUN to stop such an attack


What ever drug it is that these people are on, they need to get it off the streets!

Maria Novelli
Maria Novelli

Unreal hope they give her life in prison ! & Leon, the prisons are filled to capacity with inmates who are mental.

Leon Heflin
Leon Heflin

maybe if we stopped throwing people in jail for non violent crimes, we'd have enough money to put crazy people in the nut house.

frankd4 topcommenter

except for the indigenous SEMINOLE INDIANS everyone down here is from somewhere else all the dreges and miscreants and vagabonds and hobos from PALM BEACH to south beach from the panhandle throught the peninsula from Naples to Nipples - a mosaic of terrorists to two-times - sunny skies and shady people - all originally from somewhere else

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