Florida Transgender Student Might Get Kicked Out of School for Using Restroom

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Alex Wilson is attending classes at Pinellas Technical Education Center in Clearwater as a certified nursing assistant with a goal to become a licensed practical nurse.

But those goals and dreams might be wiped out by the school itself if Wilson, who is transgender, continues to go to the restroom in the same building where she attends class.

Because instead of offering her an alternative, reasonable solution, they threatened her with charges, which would effectively end her chances at becoming a licensed nurse.

A classmate of Wilson's went to school administrators and complained to them that Wilson was using the ladies room.

Their response: Wilson needs to use another single-person restroom across campus in an administrative building or the school will press charges.

Until yesterday Alex was using the women's restroom on the PTEC campus. But that all came to an end after a fellow student complained and went to administration. Wilson says she was pulled out of class and told her alternatives. "If I continue to use the female restroom that I would have charges pressed against me. And that because of that I would be removed from the program as a nurse," said Wilson.

The other restroom the school has told Wilson to go to is basically a storage closet with a toilet.

"It's a small restroom in what looks like a storage part of the administration building. There's some cabinets, cleaning supplies," she said.

A spokesperson for the school says that the PTEC administration is looking into the case to figure out exactly what happened.

They say that, in a case like this, the person would be offered access to a private restroom to protect their privacy and the privacy of other students, because separate stalls with locking doors that go all the way to the ground apparently doesn't protect people's privacy enough... er... something...

We get it, PTEC administrators. This is a tough one.

After all, it was Alex Wilson's plan to peep at girls using the restroom, and the only way he could pull that off without getting caught was to transform himself into a woman by going through four years of hormone replacement, then applying to your school to become a nurse (the perfect cover!) so that he can then use the ladies room to peep at girls in their stalls.

It was supposed to be a foolproof plan!

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How think our the undefinable not be able use a bathroom that matches our gender because we are born this way lets turn the tables on these homophobia

Danny Reyes
Danny Reyes

Sorry but this is the only logical and reasonable option. Wilson was born a male, and although he has had four years of hormone therapy, he is still a male even if he feels female. It's not acceptable to make female students uncomfortable because one student who was born male believes he was destined to be female. It sounds harsh, and I am in no way a LBGT basher, but its not ok to let a male student use the ladies room, even if they feel like a woman and undergo hormone therapy. Its a slippery slope and lots of creeps would jump on the band wagon and fake it.

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