Florida Men Arrested for Operating Illegal Radio Station

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Radio station 97.7 FM played Mexican music and advertised Hispanic businesses in the Marion County area.

Only problem is that it was being run by two guys in a mobile home.

And that makes it illegal.

According to Marion County deputies, two men were illegally operating a radio station. Unfortunately, having a big-ass radio tower sticking out of your mobile home is a dead giveaway.

The two men, Juan Nieves and Luis Galindo, admitted they had been running the station for about a year without a license.

An engineer from Clear Channel Inc. -- which owns 700 radio stations in the U.S. -- noticed the illegal station and notified the Federal Communication Commission.

According to an FCC official, unlicensed stations are illegal because they can interfere with aircraft flying in the area and because they can mess with the broadcast of other radio stations.

Nieves told police he was aware they needed a license, while Galindo said that they had made money from advertising.

Both men were arrested and placed in jail.

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icculus17 topcommenter

lesson 1, don't mess with ClearChannel


How about we get some music stations OTHER than Hispanic and rap?

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