Florida Bong Ban Sponsor Not Happy About How Law Turned Out

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Ex-crackhead Rep. Darryl Rouson, who sponsored the bill that eventually became the "bong ban" law on Monday, is unhappy about how watered down it turned out to be, when all was said and done.

Rouson believes that The Pot is a gateway drug to things like The Crack. Therefore, he worked diligently for years on a bill he hoped would ban all bongs, glass bowls, roach clips, and other things that can be used as a marijuana smoking device. But the final bill basically says that head shops can sell the devices, as long as they're for tobacco only, thus creating the raddest loophole ever, man.

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"If we can make people drive to Georgia and Alabama and South Carolina to get fireworks, they can drive to get these utensils of death," he told New Times back in March.

Rouson believes that the "Florida Smoke Shops Association" used their instruments of death money to pay lobbyists $100,000 to create the loophole.

We're not sure what Rouson was hoping would happen with the bill. Of course, there are always going to be other UTENSILS OF DEATH in which to smoke weed. And how exactly did Rouson expect to have the law policed, if it had passed as he wanted it?

The main problem with the bill from the get-go, was that it would have screwed with local businesses that sell bongs and pipes. Hence the evil lobbyists coming forth to rescue actual, legal, profit-turning businesses.

It was Rouson's bill that actually helped create the Florida Smoke Shops Association, kind of like how the guy that shot Uncle Ben helped create Spider-Man!

In his fevered and misguided attempt to basically force business out of business, Rouson inadvertently created a monster that will fight him any time he tries to re-hash his version of the bill.

The bottom line is that pot is illegal in Florida, anyway. Head shops sell pipes. That's it.

The fact that medical patients can't even buy marijuana for genuine medicinal purposes in this state is screwing with Floridians enough. No need to try and overkill by screwing with local businesses too.

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riverrat69 topcommenter

A certain segment of any population is predisposed to get high from some form of drug. Whether it's smoked, snorted or ingested. We've been getting high since the earth was flat. Making it illegal just leads to the desperation to commit crimes to procure the product. Legalize drugs, eliminate the DEA and every narcotics division officer  everywhere and watch the crime rate and the rate of incarceration go way down. Take the money out of the whole equation. Banning bongs is a joke. You can make one out of a carrot in five minutes.


Channel 10 needs to check their facts, they refer to 'marijuana and other addictive drugs'.   There's no proven addiction and stats are often based on court-ordered programs that people enter to reduce sentences.

And yes to Seth, cigs and alcohol kill people, weed doesn't.   Why is Darryl Rouson's crack problem the public's problem now?  


Even if passed with teeth, this would only hurt local businesses, and would not have prevented anyone from purchasing these items online. Even Amazon sells them now. While many other states are moving forward on marijuana decriminalization, Florida insists on moving backwards. 

SethPlatt topcommenter

The gateway drug excuse is trite, as cigarettes and alcohol are the REAL gateway drugs, they are legal and they actually kill people.


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