Dirty Blondes' Bouncers Knocked Out Another Patron in Separate Brawl

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Yesterday, a video of three bouncers savagely beating down a patron, identified as Alexander Coelho, 29, went viral on the internet.

After the man was bloodied, and his friend David Parker was also hit, the two men were arrested by local police. See the police report and mug shots here.

Now, another video from three years ago has emerged that shows similar behavior by bouncers at Dirty Blondes. "He was just knocked out!" one man yells in the clip.

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Look for yourself:

New Times has contacted the maker of this video and will update this post as more information comes in.

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You go to bars to have fun, talk to girls. Not act like tools, which these bounces clearly are.


customers  push, bouncers punch.  

next time.     when they punch, bang

Nicole Mela Borrero
Nicole Mela Borrero

I'm not denying that any act of violence is wrong - especially if you're paid to "keep the peace" - but these are two separate incidents - you can't compare the two. From the look of the older video, the bouncer was trying to handle 3 guys at once. But, as I said, the video did not capture the entire altercation from the beginning, so who knows what happened. There's no denying that Dirty Blonde's bouncer are arrogant douche-bags overall.

Terry McCoy
Terry McCoy

Does it, nonetheless, show a troubling propensity for taking these altercations to a point that's beyond grisly?

Nicole Mela Borrero
Nicole Mela Borrero

This can't be compared to the Instagram video..the guy that got "knocked out" in this video ran up to the bouncer and, it appears, either went to choke or hit him. Besides, this video starts when there's already an altercation in progress..who knows what happened before the video started.

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