Broward County Sheriff's Office Zimmerman PSA Is Kinda Racist

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The George Zimmerman verdict is expected to be handed down in the coming days.

So the Broward County Sheriff's Office has decided to preemptively racially profile an entire community by releasing a public service announcement video urging folks to "raise their voices, not their hands" when the verdict is read.

Because if there's one thing brown people really love to do, it's riot and shoot guns after verdicts are read!

The PSA features a black teenaged boy and a Hispanic girl (all demos are COVERED! *high five*).

In the video, they urge people to "stand together as one. No cuffs, no guns."

The boy says, "Let's give violence a rest, because we can easily end up arrested."

Ha. Ha. Yes you can, kid.

The girl then says, "Let it roll off your shoulders. It's water off your back; don't lack composure. Because in one instant, it could be over."

You can totally end up being easily arrested if you don't let it roll off your shoulders, like you are known to do!

You blacks and Hispanics are just so prone to start shooting the first white person you see after verdicts are read that you need an entire video uploaded to the internet to remind you not to do that!

Look, this video is doing nothing but protecting you from yourselves, when you think about it. So keep that in mind when your urges overtake you after the verdict is read and you decide to set a car on fire.

So instead of complaining that this whole thing is kind of offensive and racist, maybe you should instead just sit down and write a "thank you" note to the fine folks at the BSO for taking their time out to remind you to not do scary stuff like raising your hands instead of just your voice.

After all, this video is more for you than for the BSO or anyone else.

It's like the nice policeman says in the video: "Freedom of expression is a constitutional right. While raising your voice is encouraged, using your hands is not."


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The video is effing terrible. What are you people complaining to CJ about?!

Rj Petrucci
Rj Petrucci

Really New Times -- you do not think the community they are speaking to does not exist - and that the language they are using is not the language of the community they are speaking to? It is not racist. You are just elitist.

Michael Gouker
Michael Gouker

New Times is just getting more and more pathetic.


What a shitty piece of journalism.

Do yourself a favor and find a new line of work.


Umm... the only problem with this article is that the Sheriff's Dept didn't write or create the video... the "brown people" (as you call them) did.

The Sheriff wanted a video that said "violence shouldn't be the answer in any situation", and the students in  the video are the ones who wrote and produced it. 

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