The Sun Sentinel Needs to Watch Its Copyediting Again

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First off: Sure, we've been there. You push that many words per week out into the world, you're going to see a couple of typos and mistakes.

But last week's Sun Sentinel carried a pretty glaring error in its print edition. And it's noteworthy not so much because the recent Pulitzer winner let a mistake slip into the paper in the first place. No, this particular fuck-up is significant because it points to the rough transition the South Florida media outlet is making from the dead-tree to digital worlds. Take a look for yourself:

In a story last week on towing troubles in Broward, someone obviously did a hasty cut-and-paste job from the website. After the jump from the front page, the top of the continuing story contains the following sentence: "To read the report- , click here."


A "click here" makes perfect sense in the online world -- not so much on the page. This also isn't the first time the paper has let a weird mistake make it into print. Back in December, the paper ran a chewed-up set of paragraphs about Christmas trees. Don't y'all have like a room packed with 15 pensioned employees to give the daily copy a close read?

Better hope the Koch Bros. didn't catch last week's flub. Shoddie coppy editinng mite drop the papers sell price.

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riverrat69 topcommenter

Don't worry. Kock Bros.  Home schooled  teabag troglodytes are still trying to read Palin's palm.

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