Taylor Chapman's Former Employer: "She Wasn't Like That When She Was Hired"

It's unclear whether Chapman ever found that receipt
And just like that -- poof -- she's gone.

Taylor Chapman has gone into deep hiding, possibly to avoid the radioactive fallout that may occur after she nuclearly strikes Dunkin Donuts from Mars and pays them back for forgetting her receipt.

But glimpses of her former life continue to emerge.

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The local woman's former company, Comfort Care Medical Equipment & Uniforms in Belleview, expressed astonishment at the apparent metamorphosis of their former marketing director.

An employee there, who declined to give her name, related a message from the company's owner: "The young lady who was hired here was in a right state of mind at the time of hire. But something -- between then and now -- has happened to her. She wasn't like that when she was hired, and now she doesn't have any relation with our company."

She doesn't appear to have much relationship with anyone at the moment. Her online presence -- Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn -- have all vanished, leaving behind troubling questions as to what drove this apparently normal young woman over the brink, rearing someone who has become quite possibly the most hated person on the Internet.

Others have suffered, too, because of Chapman's racist and profane tirade she unleashed upon Dunkin' Donuts.

"We're upset," said the employee at the medical equipment firm, adding that "irate" people have deluged their phone lines. "This has gotten back to us, and we're just a small business in a small town. She's caused quite the mess here."

When she was the company's marketing director, the employee New Times spoke with described Chapman as "nice" and a "very good" with customer service. "She was always polite, smiley, and bubbly. We don't know what happened."

Since her time with Comfort Care two years ago, several hilariously boring videos involving Chapman and Chinese food, auto repair shops and -- yes -- Ludacris have emerged on Youtube. She's also engaged to a criminal.

So there's that.

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Stephen Cataldo
Stephen Cataldo

begs the question, do cunts develop through nature or nurture


This article is a fucking joke.  What?  She is the victim of some crisis that drove her the edge?  No, she displayed herself as racist by heart, and ugliness resides in her soul.  She proved it.  There is excuse for what she did.  The writer of this article is a damn fool. 


This article seems to be saying, "she had a mental breakdown, and is probably in crisis, but let's mock her mercilessly anyway." Please advise if I should boycott your sponsors.


Think of 1770, and John Adams defending those accused in the Boston Massacre. And you will be like John Adams defending this accused woman.

Quran 4:148-149 translation

God does not love the public utterance of hurtful speech unless (it be) by one to whom injustice has been done; and God is Hearing, Knowing. - If [instead] you show [some] good or conceal it or pardon an evil- indeed, God is ever Pardoning and Competent


There is obviously something afoot; drugs, alcohol, illcit anal sex, something...


How about the race-baiting media let the girl disappear and drop this non-story to get back to reporting on real news? You know, like Benghazi where Americans actually died, the IRS targeting Obama's enemies scandal, the NSA scandal, the AP phone record scandal, the Fast and Furious scheme, the Pigford and Solyndra scandals, etc.?

ChazStevensGenius topcommenter

Maybe she's shacking up with Loki in some abandoned McMansion.

Sam Vojoudi
Sam Vojoudi

too bad she is not in Canada. she would be serving 6-8 months jail + community service at African-American district.


@faro0485 hnnnn.   Nope.

You're not making any sense.

John Adams was assigned to defend Captain Prescott, and he believed that everyone needs a fair trial.

This girl has had her trial by public opinion, and lost.


@IHateTheMedia You have been on 5 other sites concerning this Taylor Chapman and on each one you revert to politics. Its like your either stalking me or Taylor Chapman. Your a friggin idiot. No one made you click on this site, yet here we find you. Dozens upon dozens of other news articles but you just HAVE to click on these and complain. Then you complain about Obama. Your name to top it off is a paradox! As I said....your a friggin idiot and you and Taylor Chapman are one and the same, hands down.


give me a break. theres plenty of racists in canada who are never held accountable, especially given how the canadian regime abuses the native americans/first nations. segregation in canada is strong, maybe even stronger than the usa. the canadian elite would prefer to keep the people divided. easier to control, and manipulate. lets stop acting like canada or europe is profoundly different from the usa. they are ruled by the same group of thugs.


@TheIrishman @IHateTheMedia 

Irish is right.  There's room on the internet for news/stories of all kinds, 'IHateTheMedia'.  Although you may not care about this particular story, clearly many, many others do.  Did you know there were others? The internet, nay, the world does not need to limit itself to only things that you, personally, are interested in..

This site is not going to 'get back to' stories about Benghazi.  That's not the kind of thing they report on. You might want to try using a search engine to locate websites with the information you are looking for.  Do you know what a search engine is?  I sure hope so.  That will work much better than going to websites with content you are not interested in and complaining.  That's just futile, time-consuming, and unproductive.  Good Luck!


it's called shilling. havent you ever heard of it? and it does have something to do with politics, although not republican or democrat. i'd say the ruling class elite/oligarchs of america (the people behind 0bama, bush, et al) have failed miserably at educating the youth. if anything, the american/european system purposely educates people to become racist. you see it in america with the anti arab, muslim, chinese, black. and you see it in europe with the anti muslim, anti immigrant. how they blame foreigners for trying to steal their welfare and jobs. it's the same situation in america. they want to blame everyone except their own leaders. the only conclusion to draw is that it is the leaders themselves that create this scapegoating to take the heat off their own back for their own failures. i mean i like how chapman blames the "arabs" for 9/11, but the u.s,canadian, australian, and european militaries do 9/11 everyday on other people in the middle east. so how do we account for that?


@whitepower Yes, it's "shilling". 

Or trolling, at least.

But you're way over-reaching with the "government conspiracy to educate people to be racist". 

Let me explain how the Logic of Occam's Razor works.   

If you have two competing theories, and one is simpler, then it's very likely that the simple answer is the correct one.

Your failure is, you pick a theory, ignore all other possibilities, and declare your theory the winner.

I read once that there's never been a society on Earth that didn't scapegoat their enemy or their neighbors.

For example, you know the story of the Good Samaritan?

Today, we completely miss the original meaning of the title.

Back 2,000 years ago, the Jews hated the Samaritans.   HATED them.   And the Samaritans hated the Jews right back.

So in 20th Century terms the title would be "The Good Communist".

In which an American from Maine is wounded, and lying in a ditch; someone from Canada passes by and does nothing.  Someone from Mexico passes by and does nothing.  Finally, an American from Virginia passes by, and does nothing.

But a Russian Communist sees the American wounded, and helps him, paying all expenses.

Get it now?  Racism is OLD.   We either drink it in as children and believe in that crap, or we reject it violently.

Nobody gets trained to be racist by the Government; even the Nazis only tapped into the racism that was already in Germany.

Your world view is, essentially, upside down.

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