Taylor Chapman's Dunkin' Donuts Target Gets $11K for Enduring Her Racist Rant

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"I'm making $1,375 per minute right now."
So here's a happy and kinda strange ending.

Remember that guy who patiently withstood Taylor Chapman's tirade a few weeks ago? Well, he just made $11,000. Thanks to an Indiegogo campaign launched by someone called Carl J Speed II -- colloquially described as the "enlister of good deeds" -- this bamboozled 18-year-old Dunkin' Donuts employee named Abid Adar just pocketed $10,539 in donations.

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Yes, reader. Nearly $11,000. For eight minutes of abuse.

Some quick and dirty calculations: That's $1,375 per minute. Or, to be more precise, $23 per second. And if you want to get really nitty-gritty: This sum equals roughly one-fourth of an average American's annual salary.

This brings us back to Scott Prouty. He was the bartender who clandestinely shot Mitt Romney making his ill-conceived 47percent comments -- and, surprise. For his efforts, which may get him sued because surreptitiously recording someone is, technically speaking, against the law, he received only $18,000 for a "legal defense fund."

Yup, just a few thousand more dollars for the guy who only SAVED AMERICA.

Says Carl J Speed II, who set up the site for Abid:

I read that Abid is 18, recently graduated, and has aspirations of being a doctor. I wanted to counteract this swarm of negativity that happened to these two by giving them a foot-up in the pursuit of their education and careers.

Disclaimer: I don't know either of these two. I haven't left Texas in years, but I saw a chance to [remedy] some really nasty, bitter lemons into lemonade, and I'm hoping that enough people will support this endeavor.

It's unclear, how, exactly, Abid will receive the money -- but Carl assures his contributors that he'll have "nearby local FL friend of mine go by and notify them." The initial goal was to amass $10,000 by July 11, but America's heart for Abid was too large.

There's something very postmodern about this entire sequence of happenings. A woman with mental issues records her own racist rant, then -- because what else would one do in such a situation? -- puts it up on Facebook. Then that video goes all sorts of intranets bonkers. THEN, we give the the Dunkin' Donuts guy lots of money because he has vague aspirations of becoming a doctor. But it's not specified how that money will get to him.

Didn't we make this same mistake with Haiti?

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Taylor Chapman is an upgrade over Obama & Clinton at this point.


Im the aforementioned Carl J Speed II. Ive been in touch with Abid and Nidhi, who, by the way, are splitting the money (as they both were on the end of that abuse). Indiegogo only releases the money to them. Took some finding them, but my Google-Fu skills and getting in touch with a corporate manager got me placed in touch with them. 

Sometimes, you just get so infuriated at witnessing something so ugly. Just wanted to turn some nasty bitter lemons into a lemon margarita. They kept their composure so well (as Ive stated). Many donations were $4/5/10 - the cost of a fast food meal. Some were more generous ($20/50/4 or 5 100's, and the one that closed the gap to $10k was a $297 from some guy in Kuwait). Dont hate on it, don't get all snarky about it, just go with the understanding that it upset enough people who wanted to do a random act of kindness.

FTR, had I known about that Scott Prouty's defense fund, I would have totally donated, as I'm sure many others would have. 

Carole Fields
Carole Fields

Money is strang compinsation for a lot of things....

Teresa Vellucci Bonlak
Teresa Vellucci Bonlak

Don't forget that 1/2 the money goes to the girl Nathi that was called a sand N***er.

John Pearson
John Pearson

Hell No, it's part of the job. Deal with it.


That guy deserves every dollar. Where else in Florida would a fast-food attendent deal with such abuse in the classy manner that this guy did? 

Cyn Der Rella
Cyn Der Rella

Good for him! He easily could've dropped the f-bomb at her or slapped her with her own phone but he kept very professional which isn't easy to do considering the circumstances plus I'm sure he wasn't making enough money to be treated that way.

Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson

This is perfect. We have all dealt with crazy people with no compensation, he did his job with respect and had no reason to get compensation. Go Dunkin! At least there is one winner this week named Dunkin...hey-O

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