Florida Man's Carjacking Plot Fails Because He Can't Drive Stick

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A Florida man wanted to steal himself a vehicle, so he decided to flag down the first car that came his way so he could carjack it.

A woman driving down 50th Avenue in Escambia County slowed down when she spotted the man waving her down, pretending he needed help.

When she stopped, the man pulled out a gun and demanded she get out.

She did.

He hopped in the car.

And then his grand criminal plan was foiled when he noticed the car was stick shift, because he apparently doesn't drive stick.

So it was time to switch to Plan B: RUN AWAY!

According to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office's Facebook, Antoren "Chief Keef" Bell, 19, fled on foot from the vehicle when he discovered that it was a stick shift.

The victim helped police ID Bell through a lineup, and he was arrested Friday.

The incident happened back in May.

Bell has been charged with theft, robbery, and criminal mischief. He was being held on $400,000 bond.

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with a name like Queef, he's gonna be a hit in the pen.

frankd4 topcommenter

or maybe he was going to be LATE returning a book to the library so he just had to have wheels

frankd4 topcommenter

yeah there was a TWO FOR ONE SALE at publix that the kid had to get to and we all know how bad the public bus transportation system is here in SOFLA so now he will cost us taxpayers about $50,ooo per year for the next six or eight years


If you're going to commit a crime, it pays to (1) know how to use whatever you're intending to steal, and (2) not have a very distinctive appearance at the time. Oh, and most important of all, don't be (3) stupid. Unfortunately for this guy, there's no cure for #3.

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