Fishermen Find $2.5 Million Worth of Cocaine Floating in Gulf

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Usually when a fisherman fishes out an unusual object from the water, it's a boot or a tin can or a license plate.

Except if you're a fisherman in Florida, in which case the unusual object you fish out is usually a sack of drugs.

Five fishermen found a large package of cocaine floating in the water in the Gulf in Destin, in north Florida. Then they found more. And then more.

Officials say the load of found coke is worth about $100 per gram, which comes to $2.5 million worth of yeyo.

According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office, the fishermen saw the packages, many of them individually wrapped, floating in the water, and decided to haul them into their boat.

When they figured out what they had on their hands, they called the cops.

The Drug Task Force came in and collected the packages from the fishermen. Officials processed the load and determined that it contained 25 kilograms of cocaine.

No word on how all that cocaine ended up floating in the water, but many of these tales begin and end with a boat spotting the Coast Guard and those aboard dumping their shipment into the drink.

In this case, it was worth two and a half million bucks.

According to a statement from authorities, an investigation is ongoing.

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"...$2.5 million worth of yeyo." Whats yeyo, a new type of yo-yo?

Dino MacabreEnt
Dino MacabreEnt

Coke in the ocean, And sh*t in the drinking water. It's like a wonderland.

Bobby Fyffe
Bobby Fyffe

Except this happened in North west florida way up in the panhandle....

Malik El-Amin
Malik El-Amin

and these dumb asses turned it in...way to go guys

Joey Waves
Joey Waves

someones probably dead for losing it all

Evin Safdia
Evin Safdia

now I need to some of my smuggl...err...transportation people

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