Christopher Warnig, Candidate for Broward County Commission, Twice Arrested for Impersonating a Cop

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"Wanna see my cop car?"
Twenty-one-year-old Christopher Warnig really wants to be a Democrat. He's studying political science at Broward College. He loves MSNBC and adores our Democratic representative, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The youth is filled with so much zeal for democracy that he's even decided to take a shot at a spot on the Broward County Commission.

The only problem? Christopher Warnig, apparently, really wants to be a police officer too.

He's been arrested for impersonating a cop twice.

Land of the free!

Here's the skinny: In October 2011, Warnig was arrested in Brenton, Pennsylvania, after he made three separate traffic stops on female motorists over a period of several months.

Warnig, who was a volunteer firefighter at the time, had installed red and blue emergency lights on his 2011 Volkswagen Jetta. (Cutest cop car EVER.)

Local authorities slammed Warnig with three counts of false imprisonment, two counts of displaying improper lights, and final counts of impersonating a public servant and disorderly conduct.

"The incident in Pennsylvania was, in fact, dismissed and expunged due to the fact the police department and borough was at fault for allowing me to do it," Warnig posted in the comment section of the Daily Broward, which originally broke the story.

It continues. In February of this year, the college student was arrested again in Wilton Manors for -- you guessed it -- impersonating a police officer.

A third-degree felony, Warnig was charged with unlawful use of a police badge, possession of handcuffs, and falsely impersonating an officer. According to court records, only the charge of impersonating an officer is pending.

Everyone chill, explains Warnig, who's also clocked time as an EMT. All of this isn't a big deal. He's a trained professional. "My neighbors were fighting," Warnig posted. "I ran out to respond to the yelling call for help -- as trained to do so as an Emergency Medical Technician/Firefighter -- and verbally attempted to separate the two individuals."

He said Wilton Manors police misconstrued this action as attempting to impersonate an official authority.

(It's possible the fake badge and handcuffs could have been a clue as well.)

Vote Warnig!

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Fake, wanna be and can't even be a security Guard. Fake Cop Chris applied for a job for Security Officer at the Hilton and was Escorted Off Property the 2day. JAJAJAJAJa. Give it up Chris


Since when firefighters can install lights and sirens on their PERSONAL CAR and pull drivers over for speeding? Some of the comments on here are coming from the ignorant people that hang out with Chris.....


I heard he applied in several agencies and police departments and he's been rejected over and over. I can't believe he has the edacity to run for ANYTHING having that background!!!! GOD SAVES US!


typical ignorance! Did anyone bother to find out that the "cute little cop car" had the red & blue lights on it because he was an EMT & fire police, along with a fireman who put in endless hours helping save lives. It goes to show you how people can put out any bogus info and hurt people without foundation, just as the women who made the bogus accusations. What were you doing at 21??? Saving lives, caring about your community?? doubtful


Ugh, those teeth. He needs to spend less time running and more time brushing.


@marj101  Really? And since when you can install lights and sirens on your PERSONAL CAR and PULL DRIVERS OVER? You are as ignorant as him....


@marj101 Hi Chris. No, nobody bothered to look that far because he was not police and did not have permission to pull that girl over. As for him being a firefighter... yay... a lot of arsonists are also firefighters. A guy I went to school with was arrested for setting a fire and then responding to it.

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