Christopher Warnig, BroCo Commission Candidate, Has Worked In Gay Porn

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Meet JonaEdenXXX
Here's a good one.

Remember that wayward Broward College student we told you about earlier this week who's running for Broward County Commission, and has been arrested twice for impersonating a police officer?

There's more.

Much, much more.

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- Christopher Warnig, Candidate for Broward County Commission, Twice Arrested for Impersonating a Cop

The Wilton Manors resident has also dabbled in the gay pornography scene, donning the name JonaEdenXXX. (Hint: The X stands for sex.)

The 21-year-old's bio on the hookup website, Manhunt, refers to Warnig as muscular, just under six feet, circumcised, and one who enjoys the position of "top."

"Hey guys new to the area from PA," the biography says. "Just started working behind the scenes for Studio Cody a local gay porn studio in South Florida."



Wait a second. Is that? Could it be?

It is:


For the record, Warnig denies he created the profile: "That's my picture, but all of that information is wrong."

But a source very familiar with the Broward County Commission candidate confirms that Warnig "worked for Studio Cody for one day, but [he] left when he realized what it was." That source says Warnig didn't supply any of the information to Manhunt, but, perhaps, Studio Cody made it for him.

Studio Cody didn't return a message left by New Times.

If that's true, then Studio Cody went to great lengths to engender the identity of Jona Eden. There's also a Facebook account under that name.

The profile says Jona Eden lives in Wilton Manors, works as the talent director at Studio Cody, and attended Gay Porn University.

Beyond Lebron James, the profile doesn't list any likes. Possibly because there's more than enough to go around in the Manhunt profile. The "intos" section says Warnig is interested in "Fucking, Group Sex, Jerking Off, Leather, Bondage, Fisting, Toys, Exhibition, Nipple Play, Kissing, Dad / Son, Married Men, Porn, Straight/Bi."

Outside of all of this, Warnig explains his campaign is going swimmingly, and he's currently working on fundraising.

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WOW how low does the New Times go, gee lets look at the PRESIDENTS we had. I guess Clinton was a virtuous, honest husband, Kennedy, same. Lets talk about the President who dressed in womens clothes. Did that affect the work they did as President... I think not! How about deal with the issues! Wonder whats hidden in your closet. I thought running for office meant you care about your community, silly me, I guess it is about your private life. Oh and I guess the fact that he was not found guilty of the crimes you KEEP repeating means nothing. I guess if I keep saying the earth is flat, that makes it so. I don't care if its Mr. Warnig or any other candidate running for office, I am sick of the Press stressing incorrect facts & dwelling on their private life. Then you have the blind readers who take every bit of rubbish you print as the word of God. I guess you would all be better off with the lobbyist bought candidates who miss use funds that will be running against him.  Good Luck with that!


Seriously. If this young man wanted to go into politics. But he didnt think these things might show up? Idiots and we have enough of them in government

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