Chaz Stevens Suing the City of Lauderdale Lakes for Lack of Transparency

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Chaz Stevens: Blog Warrior
Chaz Stevens, who has used his blog to battle corruption in Deerfield Beach, has filed a civil lawsuit against the City of Lauderdale Lakes.

"According to Lauderdale Lakes City Manager Jon Allen," Stevens tells New Times, "when it comes to obtaining public records, I need to pay to play."

Stevens' lawsuit alleges that the City of Lauderdale Lakes has gone out of its way to keep him from gaining access to public records.

"We're gonna jam this lawsuit up Allen's ass, and then break it off," Stevens says.

The 23-page lawsuit, which Stevens filed with attorney David Frankel, says that the city has yet to provide requested copies of all CRA contracts in excess of $50,000, from 2008 to 2013.

Stevens says he and Frankel have also requested invoices from Allen for three years worth of credit card statements -- a total of 36 -- and have only received two.

He says the city has been "dicking me around" for the past 18 months in regards to his public records requests.

There was also a request for Allen's job application, but the city says Stevens must pay $99.70. Meanwhile, a request for Finance Director's Marie Elianor resume and application would cost Stevens $84.60, he says.

Stevens claims he also has other lawsuits in the works, alleging that the city has recently admitted to illegally misspending millions in CRA money on the build-out of the public library.

Stevens' aim, as ever, is transparency. In 2008, he alerted prosecutors to corruption by former Deerfield Beach Mayor Al Capellini and Commissioner Steve Gonot, both of whom were eventually indicted and forced to resign.

"My lawyer and I are hoping to find a judge who believes in transparency," Stevens says of this recent lawsuit. "One who will demand the city opens up, as it should."

Stevens is expecting the lawsuit to place city staffers, former employees, and elected officials under oath.

"We've got them by the balls now," Stevens says. "Gonna squeeze a little bit and see who taps out. "

You can view a copy of the lawsuit below:

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Have you ever tried working for a living? I know you throw around NASA and how intelligent you are, but that is more of your  bullshit. Try being a working and contributing member of society. Still waiting for an Obama hand out?  


Hey Chaz the spaz-

your still an unemployed liberal. Go get a job and pay some taxes. Obama is a loser just like you


If the city needs to spend time, paper and printing supplies to comply with this EXTENSIVE request, then Stevens should pay for the resources to comply.

after all, he's not asking for 1 or to pages, its a mountain of research, that will take time.  someone has to pay for that time.  and it should not be citizens of LL.

just pay a reasonable rate.  probably $1/page or so...   then the city needs to provide this info. 


@REDHead Is being an idiot something new?  Or as I would suppose, you've been doing it all your life.

As I don't have time for fools, I won't bother explaining to you the meaning of this suit.

One thing though.

I am one of the few citizens appointed to the Florida First Amendment Foundation Sunshine Brigade.

Unlike you, I am an expert of Public Records Law.

So please, shut the fuck up.


You have been a dumb ass your whole life and continue to prove it every day.

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