Allen West Set to Launch "Deep Strike," but What Is It?

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"I give you DEEP STRIKE."
Former Tea Party posterboy Allen West has a deft touch when it comes to names. Sure, some of this is luck. First off, you've got his legal tag, a double-barrel insta-brand for a Republican legislator -- "Allen," reeking of everything rock-solid and GOPish about middle-management America; "West," with '90s summer blockbuster dash.

But Wild West has shown equal tack when it comes to dropping catchy, call-to-arms monikers on his own. Just last week, we told you about the title of his forthcoming book, "Dreams From My American Father" -- a direct body blow aimed at the commander in chief. And now, West has caught everyone's attention with the mysterious title of his latest venture, "Deep Strike." But what exactly is it?

Could it be:

a. A GOP-themed role-playing game in which participants guide a freedom-loving avatar through a postnuclear America to free a population enslaved by a welfare state with free cell phones and birth control?

b. A Christian rap duo with former Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann? Todd Palin is on the turntables.

c. An online degree program for hydraulic fracking training?

d. A campus surveillance initiative aimed at Florida Atlantic University's student groups? West himself would reportedly pose as an undergrad in order to infiltrate the school and exact revenge on dangerous activists.

e. A political action committee?

Well, we know this is going to bum you out, but the answer is "e." Now that he doesn't have to worry about being elected, West is rolling his campaign finance committee, Allen West for Congress, into a PAC, according to Roll Call. This will be West's piggybank to "support or oppose more than one federal candidate and is affiliated with the Allen West Guardian Fund, his leadership PAC."

As of March, Allen West for Congress had $142,672 in the bank. Over the first months of 2013, Roll Call reports the fund gave away $400,000 to the Allen West Foundation. At its height in the 2011-12 election cycle, the fund had more than $20 million in contributions.

So that's "Deep Strike." It pretty much fits snug with everything else we know about Allen West. Only a wannabe tough guy who leans hard on ideology would sex-up something as perfunctory as a PAC with a muscle-flexing moniker.

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frankd4 topcommenter

this guy is an example that even in a suit and tie there can be something very very wrong underneath and within

i realize that mr west has really nothing to lose in this open public interview for a shock jock job

the problem is there are many BLACKs with legitimate credentials and REAL experience that are today UNemployed and quite possible because WHITE employers see even in a suit and tie a BLACK man is radical and disruptive to organized and systematic operations and therefore UNemployable in a profit motivated business operation

too bad mr west is only in it for himself at the detriment of many many others

Curt Cole
Curt Cole

wait no ... thats what he did the first time.

Curt Cole
Curt Cole

with this lunatic ahead of it ... it must be some plan to overthrow the government and do nothing for the american people?

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Probably something to do with his wife. Remember the infamous letter?


I think its obvious what the criminal West is getting into.  He is making his big leap into porn.

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