Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder

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Former Florida Gator and New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez has been officially charged with murder in the death of Odin Lloyd.

Hernandez was handcuffed and led away from his home by police Wednesday morning, and initial reports indicated that he would be charged with "obstruction of justice."

In addition to the murder charge, Hernandez is facing five firearms-possession charges.

Lloyd died from several gunshot wounds.

Hernandez and two other men were with the victim in a rental car on the night of the murder. The men left a bar that night, and Hernandez went back home with the other two men but without Lloyd.

Cops searched Hernandez's home, and a source told Fox 25 that forensic evidence placed a vehicle driven by him at the scene of the crime. Hernandez also reportedly destroyed a cell phone Massachusetts police had asked him for.

The prosecutor said that authorities have hours of surveillance footage, which shows Hernandez with a gun in his hand, as well as footage of the car the men were in that captures gunshot sounds.

The prosecutor also says that the rental car attendant found shell casings in the car and that the casings were matched with the victim's wound by ballistics.

Hernandez pleaded not guilty to all counts.

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Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen

so does this mean he was picked up by the packers as a former tight end soon to be wide receiver??

Chuck Strigl
Chuck Strigl

So sad that he can toss away a 40million + career while the rest of the world would kill for his opportunity..... Rot in hell if u are infact GUILTY!

Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson

Oh this is only one of a couple pieces falling apart but i consider this the final piece of the brady era ending. Also, i know people don't think that something like this will affect a player of his caliber(brady), but he is getting pissed at his teammates and his organization, that WILL be in the back of his mind, and everyone is putting tannehill on the back burners....just where i want him...prime and ready to pounce! Also, Brady is as good as his team, look at Marino, just because you are a good QB doesn't mean you will have a team that can follow. ahhhhhhh every week i get more and more excited!

Pj Lloyd
Pj Lloyd

One small piece doesnt mean Brady and his team are falling apart though. But what a dumbass man . This dudes fucked.

Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson

Bad to Worse!? Are you a dolphins fan or what!?!?! We are talking about the falling apart of the best team in the AFC....we are talking about the Dolphins finally having an opportunity. This guy is an idiot and just helped us a tiny bit more at our chance of FINALLY getting into the playoffs!!!! GO DOLPHINS!

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