Tea Party to Recount Ballots in Allen West Congressional Loss

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A Texas-based Tea Party organization and the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections have agreed on a plan to provide the group access to county voting records from the 2012 federal election and voter registration and other records going back to 2009.

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Planning an audit "unprecedented in that it will be led not by government entities or political parties, but by concerned citizens," the organization, True the Vote, said in a news release that it can now begin "reconstruction and review" of the congressional race between confessed torturer Allen West and Congressman Patrick Murphy in order to understand "exactly what happened before, during and after" the race. (We can tell them what happened: West lost.)


The agreement is part of the settlement of a lawsuit filed in February by True the Vote and Florida Tea Party leader Pamela Wohlschlegel against St. Lucie Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker.

The suit alleged that Walker's refusal to provide the Tea Party access to voting records during the postelection recount of the West-Murphy race violated the National Voter Registration Act and Florida public records laws and injured Florida Tea Party members by "undermining their confidence in the integrity of the electoral process and the effectiveness of their vote." (Losing an election tends to do that.)

True the Vote claims to be "the nation's leading voters' rights organization." (A more accurate description would be "the nation's leading white, GOP voter's rights organization.") Its horror stories of persistent, widespread (liberal Democratic) voter fraud are bogus; its chief victories have consisted of the suppression of poor and minority votes; its leadership is deluded.

An election is a messy affair -- as is any human enterprise of similar size and complexity. We're sure TtV will come across irregularities and anomalies as it burrows through the files and just as sure it'll regularly pop back up into daylight screaming "We wuz robbed!"

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Allen West needs to get with the times.  The commies were evil, wicked, mean and nasty until the end of the Vietnam war.  Now the commies are our friends.  Example, we can get our Nike sneakers cheap because they are made in Vietnam by commie labor.  The new American boogie men are 1.2 billion people who worship the same God as Christians, but are evil, wicked, mean and nasty.    

riverrat69 topcommenter

Just when I thought I heard the last of Asshole Allen he pops up again. Why the hell are we letting the teabag troglodyte brigade from TexASS count votes in FloriDUH?  Scott must have called his bromance butt buddy, the other Rick to start this shit.


They are still upset about this?  Man, they are going to end up doing a LOT of recounts when their tea bagger buddies get booted out of office for gross negligence and incompetence.  Of course their candidates will be well taken care of by their corporate masters anyway.  Especially the Pauls since Rand is protecting them from being charged taxes on overseas income now.

SethPlatt topcommenter

When did the Tea Party learn how to count?

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