Ron Jeremy Calls Fort Lauderdale "A Conservative City" . . . WTF?

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It appears Ron Jeremy, already the homeliest man ever to disrobe and get paid for it, is also one of the most ill-informed.

Yesterday, he told the Sun Sentinel, which did a story on Exxxotica months late, that Fort Lauderdale is "a conservative city."

To be fair, Ron Jeremy is probably the most interesting male porn star ever. While today's male porn stars are all mechanics and consistency, impervious to human sensations that befall mortal men, Ron Jeremy is a dose of reality.

He sweats. He grunts. He's strangely polite, calling breasts "boobies," and referring to butts as "tushies." He's the manifestation of the Awkward American Male, who -- by God -- has found himself not only in the position to exist near a lithe beauty, but to have sex with her.

But this time, Ron Jeremy is just plain wrong.

Fort Lauderdale is anything but conservative. In fact, it may be the most sexually liberated city in the United States. The reasons are legion. First, there's all the nudist resorts speckling our urban landscape like freckles.

Then, of course, there are The Gays. Once, the gays remained within the confines of South Beach. But those days have passed. They've migrated north and their swath is wide. Bath houses have sprouted all over the land -- driving home an emerging trend. When national sex chains looks to open down south, it ain't Miami they go to.

It's Greater Fort Lauderdale.

That brings us to the swinging community. Per capita, and according to a rigorous New Times analysis, there are more swingers in Fort Lauderdale than anywhere else. We even had a staff writer live among their denizens for weeks. "South Florida," he said, "has become a mecca the mecca for swinging in the country."

What's that you say? There's also a shit load of gay pornography here? Yep, there's that. With the possible exceptions of New York and Los Angeles -- and we say, possible -- more gay pornography swarms Fort Lauderdale more than anywhere else, Ryan Dixon of the South Florida Gay News told New Times.

With that in mind, Ron Jeremy, perhaps you'd like to rephrase which cities you call "conservative." Maybe it was 30 years ago when you were had vigor, and were pioneering American pornography.

But it's not anymore. We did, after all, just snare Exxxotica.

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chipahoy topcommenter

Funny picture of Ron, taken in the 80's.....


In a way, Ron Jeremy is correct.  Dont believe it, go look at all the tea baggers out there.  The only reason they are not still out to run gays out of town is because they have finally realized that they bring in money. 

Omar Ghaffar
Omar Ghaffar

relative to Miami, Fort Lauderdale is a conservative city, or at least your standard American town as compared to an urban environment.

Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen

what a waste of time writing this story. I hope New Times didn't pay the writer for such a wasteful story. Or they just needed filler.

Lisa Serafin-Franz
Lisa Serafin-Franz

Let's see: Who exactly is this coming from? The Most Liberal "guy" (nicely said) in the World. Of course he is going to think FLL is a conservative city and so on and so on.

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