Palm Beach Squatter Arrested: Father of Three Claims Adverse Possession of House in the Acreage

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Jason Friedman, a family man and father of three, saw Loki Boy, the 23-year-old Brazilian man that squatted into a $2.5 million mansion by means of "adverse possession" and apparently thought to himself, "Well now that looks like a fantastic idea!" and moved his family into an abandoned 3,400-square-foot home in the Acreage in Palm Beach under the same claim.

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Because basing major life decisions on this guy is a terrific way to go about raising a family.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Friedman, 37, filed the adverse possession claim -- an antiquated Florida law -- with Palm Beach County on May 14, and then moved into the foreclosed home in the 12000 block of 54th Street North.

Friedman then forked over around $8,000 of his own money to change the locks, put up a brand new fence, and cleanup the filthy abandoned pool. He then posted a note on the front window saying that he had taken possession of the home under Florida statute 95.18.

On the same day he filed the claim, Friedman was arrested by Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies on residential burglary, theft under $300, tampering with a victim and resisting arrest without violence charges.

Devon Anderson, the home's actual owner, heard of the Friedman's moving in through Acreage neighbors. Anderson went to the house and confronted the squatter.

Friedman offered Anderson $10,000 to sign a quit claim deed, which he obviously turned down (the home had been purchased for $373,000).

People claiming abandoned homes via adverse possession is nothing new in Florida. Loki Boy was the latest high-profile case.

Basically, adverse possession is a hundred-year old Florida law that was created for people to gain land or property legally. The law was created to protect property that was literally abandoned back in the day (i.e. no owners), and for those land owners who died without heirs leaving their property as a sort of free-for-all.

Now in the 21st Century, people have been using the claim as a loop hole to gran themselves a house for free.

But that hasn't stopped law enforcement from arresting squatters. Boca police stormed the home Loki Boy had been staying in back in February, removed his belongings, and the house was returned to the rightful owners.

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frankd4 topcommenter


why would you want to participate, along with your family, in such a hair-brained scheme that ultimately will cost you more than is necessary ?

and how could anyone "steal" something from you that you yourself must have put into their house ?

i ask this because i myself do not and have never locked my front door,  and i don't want to come home someday to see you in my living room, watching my TV, and eating my food, talking about some antiquated florida statute from a hundred years ago

and if you ask me,  this law was to screw the indigenous indians that lived here OUT of their property in a legally binding pale-face way, WITHOUT having the obligation of compensation to the rightful owners (okay so they finally got casinos)

anyway this is not open land grabs as in the settlements in israel or the land rush of sooners in oklahoma and there are times where common sense matters more than strict interpretations of no-longer relevant laws as a matter of civil community standards

it is entertaining as a story but dumb as a strategy to occupy a residence - who are YOU to take possession of the property, open or not, as if it were to become yours ?

sound to me you are luck not to have gotten shot


A few facts that you may not have been privvy to, Mr. Anderson told the next door neighbors that we would be his new neighbors.....leaving everyone including us the impression that he would be working out an arrangement. He contacted me at around 7:00 p.m. the next day and demanded I pay him $2, 000.00 in cash for good faith. I explained that I could not withdraw that much money after business hours and offered to pay him what I thought I could withdraw from the ATM $400.00 ....I was only able to take $300 as that was my banks when he got agitated I wrote him a check for the difference. We agreed to the quit claim deed scenario because, I pointed out that he had neglected to hire an attorney to fight the foreclosure, neglected to pay his taxes, which I was prepared to do before I was arrested...I had the money set aside in an account, and I was concerned he would do the same thing he has been doing, ignore the bank and not deal with the foreclosure, if we just paid rent, then I would be out in a matter of months from the banks foreclosure, additionally I believe it is against the law for him to collect rent while the property is in foreclosure. I also reminded him all the work including replumbing the well, the purchase of a water system and having the system installed. on top of the fencing, pool and landscaping.The property was open when we took possesion, I never broke in, and Mr. Anderson did not have access as due to his neglect and abandonment, the bank, who did not own the property hired safeguard properties, (who deemed the property vacant and abandoned) to check in because of complaints that the property was not being maintained. My wife qualifies for a VA loan, and we were told by freddie Mac earlier this year when we tried to purchase a property that we liked from them, "if you were already in the house we would have to work with you, in that scenario we would sell you the property" I figured if we established adverse possession or obtained a quitclaim deed, when a final foreclosure came through eventually, the bank would let us buy the house. We contacted the lender and advised them of what we were doing and gave them our contact info.

Please feel free to contact me if you want some additional clarification, like how devon anderson had been telling us and everyone else he is a police officer(he was a DOC deputy that was fired in 2003) and how the police that showed up would not listen to anything we had to say, did not look at our evidence told me shut the f up or I will taze you, then threw me in the back of the police car.....and admitted he did not know the law for adverse possesion. Which should have been a civil matter, which was reiterated by the deputy that helped us get our property back....he kept saying that the whole time....and the Anderson's stole 3 televisions from us, which is in the supplemental report that the deputy who assisted us wrote.

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