Olivia Sprauer, Teacher Fired for Being Too Sexy: A Glimpse Inside Her Real Life

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Take a look inside her real life: kids, puppies, and Panera Bread.
Yesterday, Olivia Sprauer, a brunet bombshell who was fired from her teaching job at Martin County High School last month for being too sexy -- and yes, uploading nudie pics of herself -- exploded the internet.

The former English teacher, who is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, made it into the pages of Huffington Post, ABC News, Gawker, and even across the pond to the Daily Mail.

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Now for the first time, we have Sprauer's other side. Currently, she's been defined only by her alter ego, Victoria Valentine James -- the buxom beauty who models for XXXTremeVisionRadio Magazine and Miamiparties.com.

But there's also the woman who taught English at Martin County High School, and, if her Facebook page is any indication, this Sprauer couldn't be more different.

She's, well, domestic.

Yesterday, we got this:


Today, we get this:


Yesterday, we learned her likes include: Because Babes, Dark Sexy Secret, and Super Sexy Hot Horny Best Beautiful Lovely Erotic Bodies.

Today, we discovered her day interests: Panera Bread, the Palm Beach Zoo, Vero Family Photo, and coupons.com. This Sprauer likes good literature and feminist issues and uploads consistently adorable photographs of her two blond daughters.

The other Sprauer -- the sexy one -- jokes about losing her job: "I'm too sexy for my job...Lol...,"she wrote yesterday. Then she goes off to Vegas for a scantily clad photo shoot while the maelstrom swirled:


Still, let's not lose our heads over this one. By all accounts, including her own, Sprauer is merely a woman trying to support her two children, fresh off a divorce. Granted, moonlighting as "eye candy" may not be the best way to do it -- especially if that meant sacrificing her day job -- but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

And this girl went to Vegas.

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I know someone that this girl told she was going to get herself fired for the publicity. This was a planned stunt. Just another piece of trash that will do anything for a buck. She's a little chunky and face is busted in some pics anyway. She'll never make it


America is so repressed when it comes to sexuality.

You can see worse in euro commercials.

I hope people wake up soon and realize that our sexuality is an integral part of our natural being and putting it on display for admiration is art and no different than a fine painting of a nude person.


Wow, why couldnt my teachers be that hot when I was in school?  

Really dont see why she was fired though, considering what teachers get paid.  They need to supplement their income somehow.

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