Olivia Sprauer, Florida Teacher Fired For Being Too Sexy, Unveils New Sexy Website (NSFW)

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Listen up, sexy hot teachers: Tired of your job? Students stressing you out? Just want to get away?

(Disclaimer: This is only for sexy hot teachers.)

There are opportunities to be had. For starters, you could pull an Olivia Sprauer, a local Stuart English teacher who began moonlighting as a semi-nude model. Afterward, the mother of two was fired for those exploits.

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And now: pow!

Celebrity, modeling offers, and $$$.

Late Friday, she launched a new website showcasing how far she's come, and unveiled the persona we've come to know as Miss Victoria Valentine James.

On her new website, aside a semi-nude picture of herself, Sprauer says: "In April 2013, I was asked to resign from my job, which gained me a ton of international press and helped me reach out to a lot of my fans."

Indeed, she recently told New Times, "I don't regret being fired at all. The pics I got fired for shouldn't have gotten me fired."

Well, maybe not those pics. But maybe these new pics would have:



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Rachel R Levy Lewis
Rachel R Levy Lewis

Is it ironic that she's rolling around in a kiddie pool? Or is that just me?

Marjie Hausmann
Marjie Hausmann

She should look into teaching college level instead.

Doel Silva
Doel Silva

HOT 4 TEACHER......................


Why couldn't any of my teachers look this hot when I was in school?

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