Vote Now in Our Reader's Poll (Final Round) -- New Times Best of Broward Palm Beach

Every year, New Times publishes a special Best Of issue with our picks for the best bars, restaurants, parks, beaches, shops and services in all of Broward and Palm Beach counties. And every year, our readers chime in with picks of their own through our annual readers' poll.

This year, we've introduced a more democratic, more accurate, two-tiered system of voting. The first round was a free-for-all whereby readers voted by naming the restaurant / bar/ shop they liked best, without any prompting. For round two, we've narrowed down the field. We added up the nominations and determined the top five vote-getters in each featured category. We now present them to you in a multiple-choice format for voting.

Thank goodness for you readers, otherwise we might not have known about some of these nominees, like Nancy Lembo -- apparently a favorite bartender at Whisky Tango -- or PJ's Corner Pocket, which you say is among the best places to play pool. And who knew that there were five thriving record stores on our turf?

It's gonna get cutthroat in here as contenders face off. For example, three bars with the same owners -- the Dubliner, Respectable Street, Longboards -- go up against Clematis Street institution O'Shea's and newcomer 3rd & 3rd for Best Bar in Palm Beach County. In Fort Lauderdale, the category is wide open as Whisky Tango, American Social, Laser Wolf, Tap 42, and Fat Cats face off. In other categories, like Best Dive Bar, Best Hip-Hop Act, and Best Chef, the competition is stiffer; there are only five picks from both counties together.

To choose your favorite Miami Dolphins player, hair salon, hamburger, Italian joint, yoga studio, gym, thrift shop, and more, head on over to the 2013 Readers' Poll page and get clicking! Be sure to share this page with your friends.

Voting closes May 29 and the winners will be announced in our 15th annual Best Of issue on June 13.

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frankd4 topcommenter

i am really campaigning for  BIMINI BAY BAR  to once again takes the title of "best dive bar" of broward county (for personal reasons)

frankd4 topcommenter

although FULL DISCLOSURE i did have fun participating in stuffing the ballot box like LA SPADAs stuffs those hoagies by getting the DAVIE location voted "best" in the restaurant catagory even though there were only eight chairs in the narrow to-go counter service isle - even ZAGAT recognized that hole-in-the-wall as very popular LOL

frankd4 topcommenter

isn't YELP more effective for instantaneous and contemporaneous real time reporting on RESTAURANTs and BARs ? ?

ALSO sometimes places take advantage of customers after winning these popularity contests by raising prices while reducing quality especially during tourist season and typically the "new" joints

generally if a place has been around for a dozen years or so its doing something worthwhile - no ?

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