Morton's the Steakhouse Food Porn Pic Helps Feds Nab Identity Thieves

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Two South Florida identity thieves the feds have been trying to nab were caught after one of them couldn't resist Instagraming a picture of his food at Morton's the Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale.

Nathaniel Troy Maye, 44, who claims to have stolen 700,000 identities, and his lady friend, Tiwanna Tenise Thomason, 39, are facing up to 12 years in prison after Maye just had to take a picture of his food and share it with people on the internet.

That'll learn ya, food-porn-loving people!

The IRS tracked down the couple using an informant who was looking to help out in exchange for some leniency.

Outside of their informant, the IRS had little information to go on to take down the thieves. They were hoping for a break.

The informant agreed to meet the couple at YOLO's on Las Olas Boulevard, where they apparently planned to discuss future ID theft schemes. After that initial meet-up, the three agreed to get together again, this time at Morton's, on the corner of Federal Highway and Broward Boulevard.

It was at this meeting, on January 7, that Maye took a picture of his awesome steak and mac and cheese for all to gawk at on Instagram.

Oh, and it was also at this meeting that Maye and Thomason gave the IRS' informant a flash drive allegedly containing 50,000 identities to be used in fraudulent income tax return filings.

Later, the informant handed the IRS the flash drive, which linked to a "Troy Maye." Through this data, an IRS agent searched the internet, and found an Instagram profile for a... wait for it... "TROYMAYE" (@troymaye).

It was on this profile that the agent found the photo of a big juicy steak and a bowl of mac and cheese. The photo was captioned "Mortons." The date of the photo: January 7.

Maye and Thomason were arrested, and the food-porn steak pic was admitted as evidence in a federal felony complaint -- which is a first.

On Friday, Maye and Thomason pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft and possession of unauthorized access devices in federal court in Fort Lauderdale.

People love to take pictures of their food and then post them online for other people to look at. It's annoying but mostly harmless. That is, unless, you're a wanted criminal and you do it.

Criminal masterminds... FOILED BY FOOD PORN.

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