Miami Heat Take 2-1 Series Lead Over Pacers as LeBron James Re-Discovers His Post Game Mojo


2. Udonis: UNCHAINED

It's always fun to watch a once-thought dead Heat player emerge from the cavernous maw that is a career dipped in the cesspool of mediocrity, and thoroughly nut punch the opponent with pure awesomeness.

Game 3 belonged to Udonis Haslem who, before Sunday, had scored a whopping total of three points in the series, and who we were so fed up with, we began tweeting at him in spanish because he was sucking so hard.

Yet Sunday came, and UD reminded everyone that you just can't keep a guy with the entire state of Florida tattooed on his back who happens to have a solid mid-range rainbow jumper down for too long.

Also, he reminded everyone that Pitbull can eat a bag of nutty shit, because Udonis Haslem is the actual MR. 305.

Haslem went 8-for-9 in Game 3, which is absurd and awesome all at the same time.

The Pacers, like everyone else, just assumed the Heat were Weekend At Bernie's-ing UD, so they left him alone out respect for the dead.

But he could not miss. And while his jumper still looks like someone shot him in the arm pit with a BB gun just as he releases the basketball, it still fell bottoms-up-all-net.

Udonis Haslem simply brought his badassery, buckled down, and proceeded to kick the Pacers in the balls with enough force to crack a coconut, and then chewed on his mouthpiece like a piece of licorice.

Udonis Haslem likes the way the doubters die.

And Finally.....




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