Miami Won't Be Hosting Super Bowl L

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The Dolphins brain trust failed to get government funding to help renovate Sun Life Stadium. But that didn't stop them from bringing it hard to the hoop to get the NFL to let them host what will be a milestone game -- Super Bowl L (or, Super Bowl 50, for those of you who haven't boned up on Roman numerals lately).

The NFL decided Tuesday afternoon to go with another city instead.

The Dolphins gave their pitch to the NFL, which included having a football game played on an aircraft carrier, but lost Super Bowl El to San Francisco.

The Dolphins really weren't much in this race, really. Losing out on trying to get their stadium renovated didn't help.

Nor did pleas from local columnists to the NFL to consider nostalgia and tradition over modern accommodations and, well, shitloads of money -- which San Fran does with its forthcoming new football complex.

Well, there's always 2018.

That or go ahead and throw a giant hissy and move the team to Palm Beach.

The consolation prize is to now compete with the city of Houston to host Super Bowl 51.

Except that, it won't be doing that either.

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frankd4 topcommenter

i think the SAWGRASS MILLS MALL would have a good chance to host a SUPER BOWL with all the available retail stores to shop in during the game which could be played in the parking lot with the halftime show in the food court

frankd4 topcommenter

the people in GREEN BAY must think we are total WIMPS

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