Miami Dolphins "Put the Cart Before the Horse," Says House Speaker Will Weatherford

The Miami Dolphins went on their WAHHH THE GOVERNMINTS WON'T GIVE OUR BILLIONAIRE OWNER ANY FREE MONEY 2013 Tour after they were denied public funds to renovate Sun Life Stadium by the House last week. 

Part of that tour included publicly bashing Florida House speaker Will Weatherford, for supposed broken promises and for being a total douche for not giving them what they want. 

(Ok, they didn't actually call him a total douche, but they were still not very nice and said rude things about him) 

And now Weatherford IS FIGHTING BACK.

"At no point during the process were any promises made to hear the Dolphins Stadium bill on the House floor," Weatherford said in a statement. "It's no coincidence that we haven't heard about this so-called commitment until after the bill died."

The so-called commitment Weatherford is referencing is Dolphins CEO Mike Dee's claim that the Speaker promised him and Fins owner Stephen Ross that the bill would get a vote.

Had the House voted on the bill, it would have given Miami-Dade residents a chance to vote on May 14 via a referendum on whether hotel bed-tax revenues would help pay for Ross' $400 million stadium renovation project.

The Dolphins say without this renovation, their chances of hosting a Super Bowl is kaput.

Dee accused Weatherford of putting politics ahead of the people, because an unreasonable public tantrum is the go-to move for billionaires who don't get what they want.

Weatherford, a Republican from Wesley Chapel, argues that the bill simply did not have enough support to deserve a vote. This sort of thing happens to hundreds of bills all the time. But Ross, Dee and supporters of the bill cried "political games" because of butthurt reasons.

Dee's butthurtedness then had him making ooga-booga noises about the city possibly losing the Dolphins in the future because WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....

"The Dolphins are one of the only franchises in the NFL that don't have a long-term lease with their community," Dee said. "At some point somebody's going to buy the franchise from Steve, and clearly the stadium is the first thing they would need to address."

Never mind that Ross clearly has the dough to pay for the renovations himself.

Never mind that study after study show that publicly-financed stadiums pretty much always screws the city's tax payers, even with so-called hotel bed tax promises.

The Dolphins aren't going anywhere, with our without Ross.

As for Weatherford, dude did his job. The Dolphins making loud angry noises at him only make them look desperate and pathetic.

And Weatherford wants to make it clear that there was no secret political agenda when the bill didn't get a vote in the House. It was just a matter of it not getting enough support -- like so many other bills that never see the light of day.

"It's not the fault of the Florida Legislature that Dolphins' management failed to win legislative approval to force taxpayers to upgrade Sun Life Stadium after paying for a local referendum," he said. "Some would call that putting the cart before the horse."

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frankd4 topcommenter

maybe will weatherford is simply saying there wasn't enough in the envelope to buy his vote - this time

frankd4 topcommenter

oh boy these super-uber-rich dudes like ross really get pissed when they don't get their way when it comes to M O N E Y B A L L and of course that's why they have so much of it i guess

well, now can we hire back all the elementary school teachers that were laid-off when we used taxpayer money to build the marlins $562,ooo,ooo for another super-uber-rich dude lauria ?


you're a fag. Next time i see this name as writer of the article i will not read.

riverrat69 topcommenter

There should never have been a Dolphins Stadium financing bill even started. If Ross can give $2 billion to charity he can certainly finance his own stadium. The only one that forced him to buy the team was his immense ego.  Public funding for private enterprise should have all the teabaggers and conservatives in an uproar. Funny how it doesn't though. Hypocrites.


let see the vote, guarantee you the electorate vote a resounding no


public high school education?

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