Koch Brothers' Tribune Co. Sale: Activists Protest in the Streets

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The media "Kochtapus" could soon be a reality. The clock is running down on the sale-time for the Tribune Company, a package of some of the most venerated newspapers in the country, including our own Sun-Sentinel. The troubled company is expected to go to the highest bidder this month, and, as we reported earlier, the Tea Party poster boys Charles and David Koch seem interested in owning a high-priced metaphor for their right wing crankery. Activist groups are beginning to bang the drum against the possible sale.

The main mover on in the opposition in the Sunshine State is Florida Watch Action. Last night, the group mobilized outside the offices of the Orlando Sentinel. According to the paper's own coverage of the protest, about 40 lined the sidewalk outside the building. The signs fluttering in the air included "KEEP KOCH OUT OF THE SENTINEL," and "PETER LIGUORI CEO OF TRIBUNE CO SAY NO TO KOCH." Clever one, that there last one.

"We want to make sure it stays the Orlando Sentinel and doesn't turn into the Tea Party Tribune," Amy Ritter, the head of Florida Watch Action, told the paper.

This isn't the first grassworks foot-stomp organized to protest the possible sale. This week, anti-Koch crowds gathered outside The Morning Call building in Allentown, Pennsylvania to voice their concern. Union groups also marched in Los Angeles outside the headquarters of Oaktree Capital Management, the largest shareholder of the Tribune Company. The LA Times says Ry Cooder performed an anti-Koch tune. We started typing out the lyrics for your reading pleasure, but . . . trust us, you're probably better off not knowing the lyrics. This isn't "Blowin' In the Wind."

And earlier in the month, about 20 protesters demonstrated outside the Tribune Co. headquarters in Chicago.

But what about protest action in South Florida? It looks like the schedule is clear right now on planned events -- at least according to a quick search of the web. Does South Florida not care about a Tea Party-flavor daily newspaper? We'll keep you posted about possible local action coming down the pike.

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It is understandable that Koch lovers and Tea Heads would try to buy the Sun Sentinel. They already have Fox on TV, Clear Channel on radio with numerous right wing talk shows, so now they want the printed media too. Just look at how many people are so dumb they listen to Fox news and actually think they are getting news. Those same dumb people will read the papers too. Unless the country gets a little bit smarter we are doomed to global warming and endless wars.

KennyPowersII topcommenter

It will look even better now as a fish wrapper or bird cage liner.


This is a clever scheme by the Koch brothers.  While few people read newspapers anymore, they still contribute to news in general.  If they buy up the papers, they can then control the message.  In other words, make everything FAUX "news".

Yes, we have our first documented case of super villainy here.

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