Kaitlyn Hunt Refuses Plea Deal, Could Turn to "Romeo and Juliet" Law

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Kaitlyn Hunt and her father Steve
Kaitlyn Hunt, the 18-year-old high school student facing felony charges in connection to her arrest after she had a same-sex relationship with a younger student, was offered a plea agreement of two years house arrest and one year probation.

She has refused the plea deal.

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Had she taken the offer, she would have been labeled a "sexual offender."

Kaitlyn has received an overwhelming amount of support online, particularly from those who believe this is a gay rights issue. There are those who oppose her, and use the staunch Florida law as a reasoning to push their bigotry.

The family says Kaitlyn's girlfriend's parents are pressing charges because they simply can't handle their daughter being in a same-sex relationship.

Kaitlyn and her supporters say the relationship was consensual. Florida law stipulates that anyone younger than 16 cannot legally consent to sexual activity.

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@Salon: JerseyDevil -     Saturday, May 25, 2013 05:40 PM +0200

The younger girl just turned 15 2 months ago.

The older girl is turning 19 in a 2.5 months.

"The relationship had been ongoing and the younger girl's parents intentionally waited until Kaitlyn turned 18 before going to the police."

I keep hearing this, but it does not make sense.

On the police affidavit Kate's date of birth is given as August 1994.

This would make her 18 at the time the 2012-2013 school year started.

The affidavit states that they met in school, and began their relationship in November 2012.

If she was born in 8/1994 and they began their relationship in 11/2012....How can she have been 17 when they started dating?

Furthermore, the charges were filed in Feb 2013. This would not be 'right after she turned 18', as she had been 18 the entire time the relationship was going on, and had been 18 for over 6 months by the time the charges were filed.

The stories are not adding up here, and making me doubt one party's honesty


Equal rights is equal rights. Equal in all ways means people need to be held accountable for their criminal activity as well. If parents can press charges against a heterosexual 18 year old boy or girl for sexual contact with their minor child, then we must be willing to apply that to same sex relationships as well.


This is what COURAGE looks like.  This 18 year old "model citizen" KNOWINGLY breaks the law.  And now wants to escape the consequences.  I fail to see the gray area here.  Statutory rape is statutory rape, isn't it?  Unless of course the perpetrators are cute and young and white and - of course -  they "really really love each other and she really really didn't think she was doing anything wrong."  Give me a break.


Kaitlyn Hunt’s Parents – Aiding and Abetting Their Daughter to Commit Statutory Rape?

A question that has not been addressed regarding this case* is the role of this predatory lesbian’s parents. By the little information that has been reported, they encouraged their daughter, Kaitlyn Hunt, to target and groom underage girls for homosexual exploitation and statutory rape – something we can presume many other liberals parents also do.

Whether Kaitlyn’s parents can be legally defined as “aiding and abetting” in these harmful actions is a question for the justice system. But in practice, that is exactly what they seem to have done by the information reported. Apparently they had knowledge that their daughter was targeting girls for homosexual activity, they think this is normal, they encouraged it, and they counseled her to do it if she wanted to. Moreover, they did not report their daughter to authorities after her alleged statutory rape. If this wasn’t enough, they adamantly want their daughter not to be prosecuted for the alleged statutory rape. In other words, they want their daughter to commit statutory rape of girls, as often as she likes, targeting as many kids as she wants, with total impunity. It’s clear that people defending homosexual statutory rape clearly espouse morally corrupt views on sexuality and work to destroy protections ensured by the law against child sexual exploitation and perversion.


Her low life parents, who have no values should serve her time. Too bad Ms. Hunt is headed for jail because she was raised with no morals.

frankd4 topcommenter

...................."Graves has cited a 2011 case about an 18-year old male who faced the same charges when it was found out he had consensual sex with a 15-year old girl. That case saw the charges dropped to a misdemeanor battery case."...........................

SO THERE IS THE ANSWER = misdemeanor battery and in Florida, "adjudication of guilt withheld" is a common resolution, so a maximum two years PROBATION is warranted here = period

it doesn't make LEGAL sense that a CONVICTED murderer should do LESS time than KAITLYN and there are unfortunately many many juvenile  murderers who are serving or have served LESS time than two years

QED compare and fit the punishment to the severity of the crime to calculate the time


In NJ it is legal for someone in High School to be involved in consensual sex with a minor, provided they are within 4 years apart. Meaning a Freshman (14) and a Senior (18) can legally be in a relationship with no worries.



It’s clear that those defending Kaitlyn would encourage, aid, and abet teenagers in committing many kinds of sexually exploitative and abusive actions, including every single statutory rape in society. This is, after all, the liberal recipe for sexuality regarding teenagers.  Despite their ridiculous protestations that they are not in the same boat as the NAMBLA folks, liberals who normalize homosexuality show us that, in practice, they want to largely achieve what NAMBLA failed to do. They want to have sex with minors and claim to be oppressed and misunderstood if they aren’t allowed to – the only difference is the cut-off age, since NAMBLA also included smaller kids. Furthermore, NAMBLA consistently pushed to lower consent age for sex – exactly one of the issues in this case.


@jsalj1234 - totally agree!

Kaitlyn’s parents shamelessly proclaimed that Kaitlyn was just “experimenting with her sexuality and the other girl’s.” So what if this Kaitlyn had wanted to produce child porn with this 14-year-old? What if she wanted to have a three-some with an adult and the 14-year-old? Should she be allowed simply because she has a homosexual problem and her parents claim that Kaitlyn has the right to “experiment with other girls’ sexualities” in any way that her perverted homosexual mind conceives of? Kaitlyn’s “right” to “experiment” with other kids stops where other kids have the right not to be experimented with – and that applies to every single kid. All the more power to the girl’s parents who went to the police. And lucky for them that they still can. If liberals continue to push for their “normalize homosexuality” crusade, pretty soon parents with ethical views on sexuality will probably be hauled into jail for not accepting homosexuality as normal and for objecting that their kids be groomed for homosexual sex, which we all know is hailed as the hate and bigotry thought crime du jour



I don't understand why this Hunt girl is complaining.  She'll be in dyke heaven for the next 13 years.  It'll be like a dyke vacation for her.

riverrat69 topcommenter

@parentrap You're a frightwingnut teabag fundie asshole. Sex is not a crime.

KennyPowersII topcommenter

@parentrap  Boooooo. I had the exact opposite perception about the Hunt parents. They seem like well balanced caring parents.

frankd4 topcommenter

YEAH that's real life in NEW JERSEY ......................but remember this is FLORIDA where reality is based on the SOUTH BEACH lifestyle down here in ft liquordale and BIBLE THUMPers elsewhere in the state...............we can't get national presidential election vote counts straight yet so don't compare us to a sophisticated civilization..................even an ex-gov J E B with a hispanic spouse cannot decide whether he is for or against legalizing immigration yet although he wrote a book that he is against it he backed away from his own book when RUBIO came out for it to a limited extent

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