John Goodman's Lawyers Want Him Out of House Arrest, and His Ankle Monitor Removed

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John Goodman's lawyers have filed a request to have the polo mogul taken out of house arrest and for his ankle monitor to be removed.

The paperwork was filed Tuesday in the Palm Beach County courthouse.

Goodman was awarded a new trial thanks to a loop-hole found by his former attorneys, Roy Black and Mark A.J. Shapiro.

For the moment, Goodman is allowed to frolic in his 160-acre complex in the International Polo Club under house arrest -- with one hour of outdoor exercise a day.

Last October, Goodman was caught tampering with his ankle monitor and had his bond temporarily revoked by a judge.

At the time, Goodman's lawyers had claimed the device broke accidentally. But police found evidence that Goodman had smashed it with the side of a handheld mirror while in the shower (he finally spent some time behind actual bars thanks to his ankle monitor shenanigans).

Goodman, who was originally sentenced to 16 years in prison after he got drunk, got in his car, ran a stop sign, and then killed 23-year-old college student Scott Wilson, was given a new trial because of a self-published book written by one of the jurors.

At the time of the accident, Goodman's blood-alcohol level was recorded at .177, more than twice the legal limit.

In addition to requesting the removal of house arrest and the ankle monitor for Goodman, the attorneys are also planning to ask for lighter bond restrictions at his June 3 hearing.

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This scumball is going to end up getting off simply because he is rich.  Why is he not already in prison?  He was found guilty a while ago, but instead he is allowed to go play on his estate?

I guess its true, if you have the cash you CAN get away with murder.

Asüka Bazüka
Asüka Bazüka

He's a piece of shit. He needs to spend some REAL hard time for this. Fck that pansy azz ankle bracelet and house arrest. HE TOOK AN INNOCENT PERSONS LIFE, and the judge should make an example out of him! Let's hope the "judge" doesn't like polo.....

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