John Goodman's Lawyers Don't Want to Defend Him Anymore

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Now that polo mogul John Goodman is all set to get a whole new trial because his lawyers masterly found a silly little loophole to navigate through to get him one, those very same lawyers have filed a motion to withdraw as his defenders.

Attorneys Roy Black and Mark A.J. Shapiro filed the motion in Palm Beach County Circuit Court to withdraw from defending Goodman for the second go-round of his DUI manslaughter trial.

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In part, the motion reads:

"Having obtained an order of the Court on May 3, 2013, vacating the Defendant's earlier conviction and granting him a new trial... (the) attorneys have completed their representation of, and duties to, the Defendant."

Basically, the lawyers are saying they got Goodman a new trial and are now looking to go out on a high note like George Costanza.

Goodman, who was originally sentenced to 16 years in prison after he got drunk, got in his car, ran a stop sign, and then killed 23-year-old college student Scott Wilson when he crashed into him, will now have an independent counsel of record.

Black and Shapiro successfully navigated a motion to have Goodman's charges of manslaughter, failure to render aid, and vehicular homicide sentences dropped and for their client to be awarded a new trial, because of a self-published book written by one of the jurors.

At the time of the accident, Goodman's blood-alcohol level was recorded at .177, more than twice the legal limit.

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I'd say it was Goodman's idea because Goodman wants to hire David Bogenshutz who got Ryan LeVin off a double vehicular homicide + dozens of other associates crimes, with a 2-year house arrest at a luxury beachfront condo.  Goodman wants THAT lawyer.

frankd4 topcommenter

do you think this guy EVER gave as much to charity as he is now paying for lawyers ?

and how does the person he killed get a second chance ?

i myself will never get over what cheap basterds these people must be to not want to PAY a driver - and they all do it from the whole family of kennedys to billie joel to superstar atheletes - and then they will pay anything to get them OFF when caught

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