Howard Stern Buys $52 Million Mansion in Palm Beach, According to Reports

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Radio "shock jock" Howard Stern has reportedly bought himself a mansion in Palm Beach, according to Gossip Extra.

Someone purchased the lavish oceanfront home on 601 N. County Road for a whopping
$52-million, according to sales records. And that someone is apparently Stern and his wife Beth Ostrosky.

It had been rumored that Stern, 59, was looking for a house in South Florida for sometime, but was reluctant to go through with it. Some reports said he was looking to get away from New York's high income taxes. That and, of course, the weather, is usually why rich folk move down to SoFla.

The home Stern and his wife settled on, valued at a reportedly $40.8 million, is owned by New Hampshire textile mogul Martin Trust and his wife Diane.

The Trusts had the home constructed in 1992 on a 3.25 acre lot, according to property records.

Stern's wife apparently visited Palm Beach on her own and fell in love with the Trust's mansion, reports Gossip Extra.

The mansion, which is located in the lavish North Side of Palm Beach, has a reported 39,094 square feet of living space, with the main house measuring at 18,673 square feet.

Stern, it would seem, has settled himself in one of the world's most exclusive neighborhoods, called "Raider's Row," where his new neighbors are Rush Limbaugh and corporate tycoon types.




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frankd4 topcommenter

i doubt even HOWIE will ever top the kennedy clan for wild sex parties on "the island" and even the pulitzer dude and his bugle was quite the show with roxanne.........the only thing i can see as a PLUS to howard is the very exclusive and very private nature of the area whereas even public street parking is non-existant (yes your landscaper has to be buzzed in and his vehicles and equipment confined to YOUR property - not using the city public street) - otherwise keep moving along including for UPS delivery

there are plenty of activities for YENTAs so i can see beth's interest in the place BUT i think she will be disappointed with the false and fake plastic people with drug induced smiles and snooty childish attitudes

but the address definetly shows YOU"VE ARRIVED and that's all that really matters - no ?

icculus17 topcommenter

why not raise the taxes on these people? they have nowhere to go.  He is still getting paid in NY for work done in NY, I don't think you can escape those income taxes. 

Most people's home's are worth maybe 5X their annual salary, these people's homes cost a fraction of their annual salary, tax it.

Jill L
Jill L

best of the week!


Maybe he can get Rush to move out?


'these people'....  eventually you are one of them....    -that's the problem with taxing the rich,  there is not enough of them.  

Also notice the A.T.M. tax, was designed to tax only the rich, 25 years ago...  Well without indexing taxes, and due to inflation, those rich people are now middle income folks.  


@icculus17 class warfare much?   just give everyone the same income.   that's fair right?  Since Socialism works everywhere...    Oh Wait.... 

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