Florida Anti-Gay Group Warning People About Disney's Gay Day With An Airplane Banner

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The Florida Family Association is so worried the gays will gay up Disney World during their annual Gay Day and, in turn, naturally, turn your kids gay and other straight park guest will start having gross gay sex right on the spot, that they went out and spent a crapload of money to keep those things from happening.

Their solution to the most Magical Place on Earth getting all gay: They're flying an airplane banner throughout Florida skies warning unsuspecting families not to book their trips to Disney on Gay Day, lest they be tainted with The Gay.

The Orlando Sentinel's Jon Busdeker took some amateur video of one of the planes on his camera and, as he explains, the plane's banner carried a warning message as it looped from as far north as Altamonte Springs to as far south as Belle Isle, in Central Florida.

The banner reads, "Warning: Gay Day at Disney 6/1," which is succinct yet has so much information on it.

Walt Disney World holds their annual Gay Day on June 1st, and the fine folks at Florida Family Association wanted to warn people about this.

"The primary objective of this project is to warn families before they expose their children to Gay Day's revelry and before they pay Disney for parking and admission," a release from the group says.

In addition to their regular every-day merchandise, Walt Disney World sells rainbow mugs and red tank-tops on Gay Day, which is really poisonous to the children!

The Florida Family Association find gays so icky, and their lives so sordid, that they've actually sent out a team of Non-Gay Spies to check out just what all the gays do at Gay Day.

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You know what they say, those who protest the loudest usually have the most to hide.

Janessa Hershman Rothblatt
Janessa Hershman Rothblatt

I think there should be another banner warning people about the people warning people about Disney's gay day.

Scott Hodges
Scott Hodges

Don't they do this every year? And then just bring more attention to is, which then makes it more popular? :)


i can't believe they bother to spend money on this plane. What about if for the Night of Joy Christian fest another group put WARNING: JESUS FREAKS 2DAY AT DISNEY. Or just for Animal Kingdom another group put WARNING: BLACK PEOPLE AT ANIMAL KINGDOM (Africa!). Pretty ridiculous, this has to qualify as some kind of hate speech. Thank you Disney for being open to all people and groups and I hope Disney makes a buckload of money this weekend!!!!

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