Ex-Porn Star Math Tutor Suing Palm Beach School District

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The awesomely named Dave Pounder, who once starred in porn flicks such as Bikini Banger and Cable Sex Guy, is suing the Palm Beach School District for removing three of his banners from schools advertising his math tutoring services.

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Actually, Pounder's real name is David Mech (Mech would make a terrible porn name, so good job by him for changing it). He also owns an adult entertainment business -- which hasn't produced any fap films since 2010. Obviously that business is a separate thing from his tutoring business, but the school district was inundated by uptight concerned parents about it all.

Parents of students who attend Spanish River High recently found out that the banners hanging at the school advertising the "Happy/Fun Math Tutor" is for a business owned by a dude who used to bang chicks on camera.

And while the banners have been up since 2010 without a peep, they decided to complain. The school district removed the banners, and now Mech is suing in federal court for undisclosed damages, claiming the ad removal is a violation of his civil rights.

Mech, 36, has never told any of his students about his porn past (why would he?), has never held tutoring sessions in his own home, and has always tutored either at a student's home with the parents present or in public places.

But because he was once Dave Pounder, parents lost their shit, and now his business is going to suffer.

The [tutoring] business is age appropriate, consistent with community values and most definitely consistent with the educational mission of the school district," argued Mech, who last year worked as an adjunct math professor on Palm Beach State's Boca Raton campus.

Mech forked over $1,750 of his own money for the banners advertising his tutoring business and has yet to receive a refund from the district.

For its part, the district argues that Mech/Pounder's tutoring and porn businesses share the same address.

As for Mech's porn past, he's performed in more than 100 adult films as Dave Pounder and for popular porn sites such as BangBros.com. He, however, refused to film scenes that were violent or degrading toward women and had a condom-only policy for his own production company.

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Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore

so some guy left his old job for a new one that's more respectable ..big deal.... its not like he's asking these kids to join him in a porn

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