CBS4's Brian Andrews Caught Looking Like a "Douchebag" in Video

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Videotaping Brian Andrews in public? Then suffer passive-aggressiveness.
There are several things that Brian Andrews absolutely does not like.

For one, the CBS4 newscaster doesn't like being videotaped in public by strangers.

He also doesn't like explaining why he doesn't like being videotaped in public in strangers.

He furthermore doesn't like law firms -- they may be out to set him up.

And he most definitely does not like New Times. Wait, that's not it. Brian Andrews hates New Times.

"I hate the New Times," he said in a video shot and produced by local blogger Carlos Miller -- who several days ago got into quite possibly the most passive-aggressive kerfuffle Andrews has had since that time his stylist messed up his hair. "The New Times has printed nothing but lies about me."

(Disclaimer: That last thing we just printed was a lie. We don't know if Andrews cares that much about his hair.)

But what isn't a lie? THIS ENTIRE VIDEO. Shot a few days ago when Andrews was doing a story on a 17th street parking meter in Miami, the video shows Bogota's El Gringo getting all hot and bothered about being videotaped.

"No offense," said an approaching Andrews, wearing purple pants and what appears to be three separate multi-colored pocket squares. "But can I ask these question before you shoot the whole thing? I mean, it's actually making me uncomfortable."

"I've had bad experiences in the past," Andrews said. "So just let me do my job." When Miller explains to him that Andrews' job is just that -- videotaping strangers in public -- things progress in an increasingly uncomfortable and hyper passive-aggressive fashion.

"I'm just trying to be nice," Andrews says, gesticulating, taking deep breaths. "I don't mean to be rude, but it just doesn't make sense. What are you using this for?"

Miller told New Times he'd been planning to give the footage to his girlfriend, who was being interviewed, because TV news segments are short and a lot of material gets cut.

"It pissed me off that he thought he could get in my face and he had this attitude that he was from the mainstream and I was just a blogger and I had to listen to him," said Miller, who runs Photography Is Not a Crime. "What a douchebag."

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Katherine Gill
Katherine Gill

Idk... why everyone is so edgy these days. Hey at least FINALLY a Conservative WIG is speaking out 4 CHANGE as to not invoke loss to their livelihood (4 the fine print that was above/below and contained within the pages) when they signed and sealed the deal.

Terry McCoy
Terry McCoy

Whoa there, cowgirl. Quick, take down your Brian Andrews poster before someone sees.

Shawn Weaver
Shawn Weaver

The new times is becoming a joke ...and its about time for a major change at the paper...i remember when i couldnt wait for the new issues to come out..and now nobody i know reads this crap sits in my bathroom a backup to when i run out of toilet paper

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