Ryan Rotela, FAU "Jesus Stomp" Student, Responds to Instructor: Bring It On

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"Let's do this, Poole. You, me, and the television."

Late yesterday afternoon, Deandre Poole, embattled FAU instructor who is accused of asking his students to "stomp on Jesus," said that Ryan Rotela -- the student who'd refused to participate -- had balled his fists that day after class and told Poole he wanted to hit him.

Now, Rotela has responded to the allegation: Bring it, Poole.

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"If the professor wishes to engage and defend his actions in the belief that he was right, then I respond with this challenge: Go on the television with me and take it once again to the court of public opinion."

That's right, Poole. Take matters to the television -- don't act like you don't know which one he's talking about -- and put your faith in public opinion. Because it's been so rational about this whole fracas from the get-go.

Rotela didn't mention where, when, or how the two men would debate. Or what, exactly, the debate would concern. But man -- oh, man -- were his Facebook friends atwitter at the prospect.

Jamie Cotters had this to say: "Ryan, we are still with you, do what you have to do and hold you head high. Afraid of public opinion this so called teacher is."

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In such a debate, Rotela would presumably challenge Poole on the veracity of his tale. His lawyer, Hiram Sadder, director of Litigation at Liberty, said Poole "was making it up" and denied that Rotela had threatened to pummel him.

The main argument between the two concerns why FAU reprimanded Rotela. Rotela says he was barred from Poole's class after he'd threatened to take the "stomp on Jesus" exercise public -- which he consequently did, and did again. Poole reported Rotela to the school because Rotela had come up to him and said, "I want to hit you."

Either way, this whole thing likely ballooned out of control. Poole talked to us from an undisclosed location because he's been bombarded with death threats. Rotela, meanwhile, has snared a lawyer -- for unclear reasons, considering there haven't been threats of litigation -- and won't take any more interviews.

"Note to media," he wrote recently on his Facebook wall. "Please, I don't need to do interviews; why not interview a movie star for their opinions? That is why they picked the profession in the first place. I did what I did because I knew it was right."

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I know Dr. Deandre Poole. He's a good, caring person, and I've heard great things about him as a professor. This was an important exercise in the powerful role of symbols. I was glad to see exercises encouraging students to think and discuss and seek to understand. What a concept. I'm so over the hypocrisy of people who threaten others in the name of religion.  And those who take one disgruntled student's problem and need for attention and magnify it to the level of the governor and national media should be ashamed. It's time to take a stand for actually encouraging critical thinking in our young people, and not reward knee-jerk mob mentality.


So this guy is trying to cover up the actual reason he was thrown out of the school by trying to blame the man he assaulted because he DARED to do an exercise to teach.  

Well at least he has the extremists like FAUX at his back.

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Inconsequential prick who has wasted his ten minutes of fame. Note to Litigation at Liberty.... suck it. What's up with the skinhead do?


How about an old school MTV Celebrity Death Match?

Or since they're both Christians, we'll toss 'em both to the lions and let God sort it out.

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