Pain & Gain Star The Rock Lives in Broward County: Eight "Celebrities" Who Could Be Your Neighbors

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Miami, Florida and Hollywood, California are known for the best places to spot celebrities. Oohh there's Jon Hamm. Ooh look, George Clooney! Pfft. Whatever. We all know the sexiest place on the planet is Broward friggin County.

Know who else knows that?

The Rock. He lives there. Other celebrities sort of live there too. And, if you're lucky, not only will you spot one, you might even live next door to one.

Here are 8 "celebrities" that live in BroCo:
The Rock 2.jpg
The Rock
In March of last year, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson bought a 13,670-square-foot home on 2.2 acres in Landmark Ranch Estates from former Miami Dolphin tackle Vernon Carey. Why Southwest Ranches? Who knows. But apparently playing the Tooth Fairy and pretty much the same character in several mediocre-to-terrible movies pays richly (but he can arch an eyebrow!). The Rock had previously sold some property in Broward in the past, but then came back because he probably can't resist all the "Hey honey, The Rock is barbecuing in his yard, AND I THINK I CAN SMELL WHAT HE'S COOKING!" jokes from his neighbors.

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