Marco Rubio Has Angered GOP Rep. Peter King With His Marco Rubioness

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Back in January, New Face Of The Hope Of New GOP Future Marco Rubio voted against the $60.4 billion in aid for Sandy relief bill because O MAH GAWD ALL DEH PORK!

And recently, Charisma Boy! flew to New York to raise campaign money (maybe also selling those awful Rubio Thirsty bottles)

But at least one GOP Rep. ain't keen on Charisma Boy! as the New Face Of The Golden Dawn GOP Super Terrific Good Times Republican Party. Mainly because the rep sees Rubio as the goldbricking hypocritical assbag that he is.

Rep. Peter King of Nueva York went on MSNBC's Morning Joe television program Friday morning and said Marco Rubio should just forget it and stay home.

He also referred to him as "this guy," which is fantastic.

King's beef comes from the fact that Rubio has the gall -- NAY, THE BALLS -- to vote against hurricane relief for New York when Florida has gotten gobs and gobs of federal hurricane aid over the years, while simultaneously coming to New York to ask for money.

Ha. Ha. Oh, Rep. King. You have no idea.

"Any of those people who voted and postured against money coming to New York or New Jersey and then wants to come up here and take the money out of our pockets, forget it. They can stay home," King told Morning Joe's Joe.

"Guys like Marco Rubio in Florida," King also said. "All the money that your people have gotten in Florida over the years from every hurricane that came along. And this guy has the nerve to vote against money for New York and then come up here and try to raise money. You know, he can forget it."

So basically, King would rather Rubio just stay out of New York altogether if he's just going to be a blatant asshole about things.

King went on to say how his relationship with Congress is forever fractured, thanks to them dragging their feet in getting New York and New Jersey aid during their biggest time of need.

Now comes this slap in the face by the presumptive Republican nominee to fuck things up again.

Peter King ain't care.

And that's pretty damn refreshing.

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frankd4 topcommenter

actually during the financial crisi in NYC president FORD famously told NYC to "drop dead" when consideration was being debated for emergency funding

back further NYC was right behind south carolina in seceding from the union (75% of the federal government was funded by NYC alone)

RUBIO on the one hand will NEVER win NY or NJ anyhow so he might as well vote against funding SANDY as well as vote against gun reform and illegal immigration reform to CEMENT his conservative tea-party base

OF COURSE all this is red meat to HILLARY in 2016 so RUBIO is really sealing tight his own fate

frankd4 topcommenter

how to make FRIENDs and INFLUENCE people; it's something RUBIO will have a great deal of time trying to succeed at BUT eventually RUBIO will fail

there is too much time being exposed as a punching bag now as an early front runner for the 2016 GOP presidential candidacy and too many contradictions already by RUBIO himself

in this time he should have been LEARNING and PLANNING and yes making friends and influencing people

by the time 2016 rolls around his tank will be empty


A better written article would have focused on some of the specifics of why Rubio voted against the bill. Like the fact that the bill had funding for Amtrak upgrades, FBI salaries, and road projects in states not affected by the storm. But that would have made Rubio's actions seem reasonable, something that the author of this article obviously wanted to avoid.


@Kevin.C - From what I understand, only about 5% of the bill was pork.  I understand the frustration with how pork gets snuck into bills, but a major disaster aid bill is not the time to find "principles" regarding pork.  I assure you, Marco Rubio never once objected to the superfluous "pork" which was undoubtedly the many disaster bills passed to help  Florida with hurricanes.  And therein lies the hypocrisy

KennyPowersII topcommenter

@Kevin.C That's how it works. Nothing new. Won't change. Bill riders ain't necessarily bad. Every decent political system in the free world works this way. Anything in particularly wrong with AMTRAK upgrades or road projects? Many necessary projects would not make it to fruition without riders. Compromise and exchange system won't go away. Rubio might need to go public with his problem with these riders.


 @AdamJ23 Which specific disaster bills are you referring to? Remember, Rubio began his tenure in the Senate in 2011. Florida hasn't been hit by a hurricane since 2005.


 @KennyPowersII This was supposed to be emergency legislation for a specific situation. That's why it was done outside of the normal budget process. If these unrelated projects were worthy on their own merits they could have been funded through individual legislation or through the regular budget process. That process would have put that spending under more scrutiny. Going through the regular budget process would have given legislators the time to find less worthy projects to cut to pay for these things. Instead, they were added to "must-pass" legislation, further adding to the deficit.

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