Realtor Julian Frankel, Charged With Sexting Child, Remains Committed to Blogging About Real Estate

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"I've got a great deal on a three-bedroom in Boca."
There are certain things one shouldn't do immediately after netting charges that are abhorrent and humiliating, à la bestiality or anything involving children. Like, say, blogging about real estate.

Even if you're a realtor.

The clients can wait.

We promise.

Don't tell that to West Palm Beach realtor Julian Frankel, who -- despite being charged on Tuesday with obscene communication with a child -- has apparently maintained commitment to his blog, dispatching yesterday "What You Need to Take Care of When Buying a Home."

While we admire strong commitment to blogs, perhaps -- just perhaps -- now is not the opportune time.

Considering the following:

Frankel, 34, said he was 23 when he first started texting the "boy" -- who was really a detective, according to police reports. The detective tapped back: "18-3 years...get it."

"Cool," said Frankel, ever astute at the mathematics of the situations. "Ur 15?"

Then Frankel -- whose listed specialization as a realtor is "energetic" -- allegedly sent a few pics of himself, shirtless. Then he reportedly asked whether the boy had ever had sex before, referring to another boy he said he'd had sex with.

It gets worse for Frankel.

On April 4, Boynton Beach police got word that a person, referred to as "D.G.," had met Frankel in person at FAU's Boca Raton campus -- thereby confirming that everything terrible in this universe occurs at FAU.

During the conversation, according to the police report, "D.G." remembered Frankel discussing situations in which he'd raped boys ages 7 to 14.

Charges of transmitting harmful information to a minor were filed against Frankel on Tuesday, and he was booked at Palm Beach County Jail. But back at Real Estate by Julian HQ, there were blogs to be written, where he wanted to assure everyone: "Buying a home is a big deal, but it's not hard... And if the neighborhood exhibits signs of decline, one should think twice before buying this house."

If only Frankel would put such foresight into other parts of his life.

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I'm curious??? How exactly does an "alleged" criminal update their "blog" from a holding cell without access to the Internet let alone access to a phone?!?!

Sounds to me you've got personal agenda against this guy. Very interesting you happen to be "reporting" more info on this case than the so called "reputable journalists". Hmmmm am I smelling a rat?!??


I was very encouraged to find this site. The reason being that this is such an informative post. 


Its pretty clear  that the concept of innocent until proven guilty is not a concept you're familiar with. You're perfectly happy to smear any reputation you can without regard for possible innocence or guilt as determined by a judge or jury as long you can get a few words published. You're a loser who tarnished the reputation of any real "journalists".

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