Heat, Dolphins Stars React Very Differently to Jason Collins Story

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With the news of Jason Collins' coming out, the backlash and commentary has been all over the map on both sides of the issue. And we knew some fellow pro athlete, somewhere, would say something dumb, while another praised Collins.

We just didn't know it would be from our very own pro sports teams.

And so, as it goes, Mike Wallace, star wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, said something tragically dumb regarding the Collins news, while Dwyane Wade, star guard for the World Champion Miami Heat, said something good.

And, as it goes, both took to Twitter to express themselves.

Wallace hit up Twitter hours after the Collins news broke and busted out the prerequisite "Hey I'm not bashing anyone but..." before going out of his way to let the world know that he just doesn't understand why The Gays don't like the ladies, man.

mike wallace tweets.jpg

I mean, lookit all the beautiful women, I mean I'm not bashing it, I mean The Gays are weird, amerite? Shaking My Head.

Wallace would soon delete the tweets, and then issue the nonapology apology.

Ah, the classic I'm sorry for anyone that I offended, rather than the, I'm sorry for offending everyone.

But hey, he's not against it. He just doesn't get it.

Because being stupid is just awwwright, man.

In contrast, the Heat's Dwyane Wade tweeted out his own thoughts on Collins:

Short. To the point. And in praise of Collins' courage.

It's safe to say at this point that ongoing winning seasons, a roster of great players, and multiple championships are just a fraction of the major differences between the Heat and the Dolphins.

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So one man spoke his mind while not being politically correct and gets labelled as stupid while another man had his public relations adviser tell him exactly what to say to not offend anyone (aside from those with common sense who are offended when someone says some pc bs) and gets labelled as saying the right thing. Wallace did not offend me, so he did not offend "everyone". Lesson learned, say something PC and fake, get lauded for it, speak your mind truthfully in a non hateful way, get crucified for it.. No new lesson here... just confirmation of a pathetic standard by which we all are judged. Go politically correct, or go home. Above all else... DO NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF. REMEMBER HOW YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD TO THINK... and just think.. This was once the greatest nation on earth... Like many fairy tales... Once upon a time.....


What? Teal is a greener color.  They most def look more aqua.  I think the team calls the orange coral, like coral reef colors or whatev. Overall? They look better, although personally probably would have went for a more tooney fin.


@slimsmith90210 Actually it's more about Mike Wallace being a moron, and Dwayne Wade being a class act.  Sorry you missed it.

chrisjoseph13 writer

@slimsmith90210 And your proof of the advisor saying this rather than Wade?

Speaking your mind doesn't excuse stupidity. IIt's not about "political correctness," it's about not being a damn biggot. 

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