Gun Control Bill Dies, Florida Legislature Reacts Accordingly

Yosemite Sam gunz.jpg

Ah, Florida Legislature.

No, Gays, you can't do that. No, Women, you can't do that. No, Poors, you can't have that.


And so it goes. 

When news broke that the gun control bill hit the proverbial brick wall and died Wednesday afternoon, your elected officials reacted like Yosemite Sam at a hoedown.

As the Miami Herald points out, when news spread about the bill's demise through the Legislature, the chamber broke into thunderous applause.

One Representative yelled out, "LET LIBERTY RING!"

And then proceeded to make gun sounds. With his mouth.

As this was going on, the Florida Legislature passed House Memorial 545, which basically tells the government to KEEP YER COTTIN PICKIN HANDS OFF MAH GUNZ even if a gun control bill does pass (which, as we have pointed out here on The Pulp over and over and over and over again, will never happen because Murica.)

The vote was an overwhelming 81-36, dividing party lines (of course).

According to Naked Politics, Rep. Neil Combee, (Gun Humpin' Party), who sponsored the bill, quoted a 19th Century edict which is probably the most GOPer thing ever done in the Florida Legislature (aside from making gun noises, of course). Because, of course a GOPer would quote something from two centuries ago:

"Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants."

The quote comes from Italian philosopher Cesare Beccaria, who condemned torture and the death penalty when it came to crime and punishment. But Combee, as all GOPers are wont to do, skimmed over that part of history to shoe-horn his bullshit agenda and somehow make a point about how people like the Newtown victims are now better off because gun control is dead.

So, the debate rages on and efforts for some kind of gun control legislature carries on.

But until then, Florida Legislature gonna Florida Legislature.


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