Florida's Seven Most Invasive Species: Giant Mosquitoes, African Snails, Feral Cats, and More

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Every couple of weeks, Florida media trumpet a new invasion from some awful creature. Already in 2013, scientists have warned us about giant mosquitoes, giant rats, and giant snails (oh. my.).

Little can be done to stop them. But the least New Times could do is prepare loyal readers for the next invasion. We've made a guide of the seven most terrifying invasive species you could (nay, will!) encounter in Florida this summer. And we answer the most important question of all: Are they edible?

Anyone who grew up in Florida knows the constant threat of mosquitoes. Not just bites on those muggy summer nights, but the fear existed of contracting West Nile Virus or encephalitis or dengue fever from the bloodsuckers. In 2013, we're receiving a different warning about Florida's mosquitoes -- they might shiv you. The gallinippers, despite their playful name, are 20 times (20 times!) the size of your average mosquito, with bites described as "like you're being stabbed."

If there's a positive side to getting stabbed by an insect the size of a quarter, it's this: Gallinippers don't carry any diseases. To be fair, that is a pretty nice advantage.

Can you eat gallinippers? Sure, run around wooded areas at night with your mouth open and you'll catch a whole bunch of mosquitoes in your maw. However, they won't taste very good or provide any nutritional value. But ya know, get those skeeters before they get you. Kill or be killed. Ain't no love in this city.

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riverrat69 topcommenter

You forgot the most invasive species. Teabag troglodytes. The biggest one is sitting in Tallahassee right now.

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