Florida High School Student Detonates Explosive Bottle on School Grounds, Cops Say

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So it's been a week since the incidents in Boston occurred, and even though the evildoers have been killed and captured, people are naturally still jittery when it comes to explosions going off. Particularly explosions near other people. Particularly if those people are kids.

With all that in mind, a Florida high school student apparently thought it would be a neat idea to detonate a homemade bomb on her school campus for no earthly reason whatsoever.

And so, on Monday morning, she did.

Police say that Kiera Roslyn Wilmot, 16, set off an explosive device at Bartow High School, where she is a student.

Apparently, Wilmot packed household chemicals into a plastic bottle, and then mixed in other combustible ingredients into the bottle before closing the lid. This caused an explosion.

Bartlow police say that Wilmot set off the explosion on campus at around 7:00 am Monday morning, right around the time classes started.

Police declined to give specifics on what chemicals Wilmot used, and they say there were no injuries and no damage was done to school property.

According to witnesses, Wilmot did not run away once the explosion was set off. When confronted by police, she told them that she was conducting a science experiment. But teachers at the school told police there was no such experiment or assignment.

Wilmot was taken into custody to the Juvenile Assessment Center, and charged with possession/discharge of a weapon on school grounds and discharging a destructive device. Both charges are felonies.

A felony charge is a bit excessive for a teen girl that made a poor decision. 

Dumb decision to set off an explosive on school grounds?


But a felony charge? Yea, equally dumb.

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"Wilmot packed household chemicals into a plastic bottle, and then mixed in other combustible ingredients into the bottle before closing the lid."

I'm going to need to ask for a source to back up your claims of "combustible ingredients."  According to every other account of this, all that happened was the cap flew off, it made a pop, and produced a small amount of smoke.  It didn't explode, it just built up enough pressure (not much, as soda bottles are designed to fail specifically so that they don't hurt anyone) to exceed the failure threshold of the bottle's plastic threading.  Water and dry ice (both completely harmless, mind you) could have caused that.  Coke and Mentos could have caused it.  Heck, dropping a bottle full of soda from a certain height could cause the pop and the cap to fly off.  You have no proof that the ingredients were harmful in any way.

A teacher who was standing nearby described the sound as a pop, like a firecracker.  If you call that a bomb, then I'm not sure you understand what a bomb is.  This was not a terrorist.  This was a young person experimenting with chemistry because she was curious, not because of malicious intent.  Sure, it may not have been the best idea to try it at school.  But no one was hurt.  Nothing was damaged.  It was such huge deal that she didn't even run away.

And for this, for trying out a chemical reaction she was doubtless shown in that very school, she has been - pay attention to this - charged with two felonies, expelled permanently from school, and forced to finish her last two years of high school in an expulsion program.  This is going to effect whether she can go to college, which ones will accept her, and what jobs she can get in the future.

This is a sixteen year old girl who didn't hurt anyone, nor intend to, whose life could potentially be ruined now because she was curious.  If it is truly your opinion that one small mistake made out of scientific curiosity should be punished this severely, then you need very badly to get your priorities in order.


Let see how they play the game of making it "go away" because she is 16!  This ought to be a pisser!

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