FAU: Top Five Owl Alumni, Including Emo Superstar Chris Carrabba and Porn Queen Mary Carey

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It might be the understatement of the decade to say Florida Atlantic University has had a rough six months. By the time you're done reading this post, an FAU faculty member will probably be accused of murdering puppies or colluding with North Korea.

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But the real takeaway from this Russian-novel-length media shitstorm is how little anyone knows about the school. For a university that's been been kicking around since 1961, FAU has some big names in its alumni pool -- just not exactly the heads of state or Nobel laureates.

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Christopher Carrabba, lead singer, Dashboard Confessional
All that hair that was everywhere? Yup, probably happened at FAU. Back when emo was a tear-stained pop-music juggernaut, teens were more than willing to toss money at Carrabba's brand of pretty-boy-cry-babying. But in the late '90s, the well-coifed Connecticut native studied education at FAU.

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