FAU Trustee Angela Graham-West Explains Why She Felt Harassed; Students Call for Restraining Order Against Allen West

Graham-West seemed frustrated that "a small group of students got their way. Whatever the repercussions for other students -- higher tuition, less gifts given out -- this was decided and run up the pole. The squeaky wheel did get the grease."

But what if the protesting students saw their efforts as nonviolenet protest, and standing up for what they believe in, a la Gandhi or Martin Luther King?

Graham-West said, "But none of us knew -- I didn't know -- who these people are. I'm busy trying to do the right thing, volunteering. To be accosted... $6 million gifts don't grow on trees." She said it was not peaceful protesting "if you push your way in."

She said she would not discuss the underlying issues with anyone "if you don't conduct yourself in a rightful manner. What is it called when you make someone feel afraid for their life? It's called assault. Attempting to assault somebody through intimidation. After that happened, [discussions] were off the table. Stalking, intimidation, all that -- it takes logical arguments off the table."

So when her husband spoke out for her on Facebook and Twitter, she says, "He was just saying, 'If you've got something to say, say it to me. We'll have a man-to-man talk.'"

Graham-West did not want to discuss GEO Group's business practices nor the recent incident with professor Deandre Poole.

Asked how the university might move on from the recent string of bad publicity, she said, "I don't know... I'm bereft of ideas. I've come to the university to educate. That's my passion. All of this is distracting from the main beauty of acquiring knowledge."

Which is something the letter-writers could use a bit more of, she said: "They should be spending more time on learning how to structure sentences, not ruining my career."

UPDATE: 4:30 p.m. -- Students involved in the Stop Owlcatraz movement released this statement:

The FAU administration should issue Allen West a restraining order barring him from all FAU campuses, and should release a statement affirming their commitment to students' and the greater FAU community's rights to public safety and free speech.

Allen West alleges students are "harassing" his wife, Angela West. Members of the Stop Owlcatraz Coalition, in February and March, met privately with most of the members of the FAU Board of Trustees, including Angela West. As public officials and the trustees of our university, they have a duty to be accessible and accountable to the constituencies they serve.

She agreed to a March 18 meeting at her Raymond James office in Fort Lauderdale. At that meeting, Angela became rude and aggressive and students walked out of the meeting as she began yelling at them.

Students attended yesterday's Board of Trustees meeting to hear the President and all the Trustees, not just West. There, she harassed FAU students and instructed two FAU police officers to question them about the meeting (they refused to do so). Allen and Angela West are harassing and threatening FAU students, not the other way around.

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kind of hot.  i can see why Allen was twisting her arm for anal sex

chaz, I waited 2 days, surprised you didn't make this observations

Allen, if this post po's you, remember to keep your pen in your pocket where it belongs and dont write the missus whining for anal sex any more.


The communist punks that now operate on the campus of Florida Atlantic University must never be allowed to dictate policy.  The campus is now a breeding ground for the Communist Party, where their youth members work hard to use the system of laws against a decorated war veteran who is protecting his wife from the communist vermin.  Col. West made a mistake when he made his threats public.  Col. West knows better, and that the Marxists will hide behind Obama and the communist media.  Every time.  Go underground  Col. and deal with this accordingly, as the Marxist vermin represent a threat to life, liberty and our right to bear arms.  We're losing our nation as the communist, are slowly taking  inch by inch of liberty from the patriots and law abiding Americans.  We must never let that happen.

ChazStevensGenius topcommenter

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder, in walks Mrs. Torture.

By the way, did she just violate Godwin's Law (look it up) with her surreal reference to VW?


And the Nike thing just lost me.  

Apparently, the missus is just as daft as her husband, and also uses a random quote generator.

Dan K. Alexander
Dan K. Alexander

First, if Mrs. West was genuinely fearful of the students, she would have made a police report or at the very least contacted Student Affairs (about the two students). One of these students the shows up to a BOT meeting, and Mrs. West considers that stalking? Perhaps the Wests believe that the universe revolves around them? If I were on the BOT, I would not be pleased that her husband brought more negative attention to FAU or that she penned this logically absent response/justification for Mr. West's overreaction. What I find the most sad about this is that Mrs. West is one of a few FAU BOT members with actual background in education. Poor FAU. Ugh.


Looks like someone needs to brush up on their definition of "assault"  (http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/assault) which, interestingly enough, is more appropriate when describing her husbands latest actions on social media. Last time I checked, when your employers (yes, the students ) walk in your office to discuss business matters, you don't pretend to be threatened. Now if you actually feel threatened when forced to explain yourself to the students, perhaps you should not represent their interests. It is the job of a trustee to keep the trust of the students, since any authority is given in trust. She should consider herself lucky as any employee who fails to perform his/her duties and still gets to keep their job.


They sound like they just want to get Dr. West out ........That's not going to happen under our watch.....there are too many people behind this wonderful lady.....She is one of the best things that has ever happen to FAU..

Get a life Owlcatraze people.....Mr. Allen West did the same thing that any man would taking up for his wife.  WE'RE BEHIND YOU MR & MRS WEST....


Showing up to a Board of Trustees meeting is not stalking, it's being a concerned student. Ridiculous.


Whatever the truth turns out to be, I'm sure we can trust on the FAU administration to handle any fallout in a mature and straight-forward manner.

riverrat69 topcommenter

@jaqueobauer Thank you for your opinion,  Joe McCarthy.  Deja vu, 1953 all over again.


Wouldn't it be a violation of Godwin's law if she somehow refrained from making a Volkwagen/Nazi comparison? If anything she just proved it. Or it does not apply here at all.

frankd4 topcommenter

its a HOAX that's why WESTs cannot get the proper authorities involved since their show will soon be over if the real facts are revealed

just another attempt to stay in the public spot-light by desperate for attention by an egotistical ex-politician who has really nothing beter to do


@anita_roberts2003 As an FAU student, can you explain to me how this woman has been "one of the best things that has ever happen to FAU".  As she appears to be so great for the University and my matriculation, I would like to know what makes her so great for my academic future.

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