Chris Bosh, Miami Heat Take Down San Antonio Spurs Without LeBron James and Dwyane Wade

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Prior to Sunday's big-time-holy-crap-it's-maybe-a-possible-NBA-Finals-preview game against the mighty San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra announced that the team would be without LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Mario Chalmers.

All three were apparently dinged up and in need of rest.

So the Heat was forced to go out and play the big-time-holy-crap-it's-maybe-a-possible-NBA-Finals-preview game against the mighty San Antonio Spurs without its two stars and its starting point guard.

Who would step up and rescue the Heat from certain doom from the dark gaping maw of kickassery that is Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and the Perpetual Death Rattle Machine of Basketball Spurs?


With the possibility of having home-court advantage throughout the playoffs on the line, this was probably the worst time for the Heat to go into the Western Conference's top team's home digs without LeBron and D-Wade.

Without Chalmers, the Heat were down to Norris Cole at point guard, with Ray Allen running the point whenever Nono took a breather.

And with all his ball-crushing three-point-scoring awesomeness, Allen running the point is a terrible thing to behold. Allen, who looks like a chicken on acid when dribbling the ball, would have to play mistake-free against San Antonio's Tony Parker.

Shane Battier even jokingly called his fellow the Heat sans LeBron-Wade the Fighting Clowns.

And then there was Duncan, with his massive crotch-clubbing ways, pouring in 17 points while crashing the boards for 12 rebounds.

The Spurs showed their annoyingly dangerous depth, with Kawhi Leonard adding 17 points and 11 rebounds of his own, Parker and Danny Green putting up 12 points apiece, and Stephen Jackson adding 11.

Then there was the Spurs' seven-game home winningstreak to contend with.

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Hopefully the players will get better soon and return to their tem. Thank you for sharing this game summary.

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