Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Possibly Identified and Arrested UPDATED

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The age of 24 hour cable news/Twitter feeds have come smashing together...

Via CNN, The Miami Herald had reported that Boston Marathon bombing investigators may have identified a suspect.

There had been reports of a possible suspect leaving a black bag at the site of the second explosion via surveillance video.

Reports also said that surveillance footage from the Lord & Taylor across the street from the second explosion shows this supposed suspect.

Here's how we blogged it up it via the myriad of Twitter feeds and avalanche of information:

Meanwhile, the AP is reporting that the suspect is already in police custody, and is expected in federal court:

CBS News, meanwhile, says that NO arrest has been made:

The Boston Globe says their source is saying there is a suspect in custody:

UPDATE (2:35 pm):

Press is gathering outside the Federal Court in Boston:

UPDATE (2:40 pm):

Boston Globe is now saying there is NO suspect in custody, contradicting their source from earlier:

UPDATE (2:49 pm):

The AP is now reporting that the Feds are denying they have a suspect in custody:

UPDATE (2:53 pm):

And now things are getting, shall we say, wacky.

CNN reported earlier that the suspect was a "brown-skinned" male. Now CBSNews is saying....

UPDATE (3:00 pm.):

The FBI has released a statement (via NBC)

Ah, the internet news age. 

We'll update this post as we get more information.

And by "update," we mean when an actual real-life human person has been for-real arrested.

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RD Swartz
RD Swartz

Breaking news: press only worried about the next exclusive!!!!!

RD Swartz
RD Swartz

NOT!!!!!!! The press needs to learn not to put the wagon before the horse!!!!!!!!!! Shame on the press!!!!!!!!!!!

Burbank Okuda
Burbank Okuda

Too bad not true..CNN backtracking, Fox saying we were just plagerizing and Boston PD saying absolutely not true...I will go with the PD

Burbank Okuda
Burbank Okuda

Possibly identified..let us not go over the top with hope.

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