Bomb Threat at South Plantation High School UPDATED

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(photo via Kristin Bjornsen)

UPDATE: According to the Sun-Sentinel's Twitter feed, the bomb threat is being called a hoax

South Plantation High School is on lockdown due to a bomb threat.

Students have been cordoned off in a park across the street from campus.

Police is not is allowing anyone to leave.

Officers have set up a perimeter on surrounding streets.

A fire truck has reportedly driven towards the southern end of the school.

A second fire truck is on standby at a church across the street.

The Broward Sheriff's Office says that the incident began when someone reportedly called 911 saying that they saw a bomb in a student's locker.

About 2,600 students attend South Plantation High, which is located at 1300 S.W. 54th Ave.

This is a breaking story. We will update this post as we get more information.

Kristin Bjornsen contributed to this report. Photos by Bjornsen.

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Stefan Jhagroo
Stefan Jhagroo

Happens when I search directly for your site on google too, just FYI :)

New Times Broward Palm Beach
New Times Broward Palm Beach

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Stefan Jhagroo
Stefan Jhagroo

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