Allen West Threatens FAU Students on Facebook and Twitter; Says Wife, a Trustee, Has Been Harassed (UPDATED)

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UPDATE 3:40 p.m.: Angela Graham-West did call to explain why she felt harassed. She indicated that students had come to her work office uninvited and also sent messages to her office calling for her firing. A post with her explanation will be posted shortly.

Here's her side of the story.

Original post: Around noon today, former U.S. representative Allen West posted a message on his Facebook page that sounded like a threat to students at Florida Atlantic University -- even though he wrote, "This is not a threat, it is a promise."

West's wife, Angela Graham-West, sits on the FAU Board of Trustees and is also a financial advisor at the Fort Lauderdale office of Raymond James & Associates.

West's post did not specifically say what prompted him to write the message, which had 16,000 "likes" around 2 p.m.

His wife was reached at work and, sounding flustered, promised to call right back, but did not after about 30 minutes.

Attempts to reach West through the Allen West Guardian Fund and Twitter have so far been unsuccessful.

Here it the text of West's post:
"I completely understand the Alinsky tactics and have no issue with the insidious and incessant personal attacks by the left against me. However, I am warning you, end your harassment of my wife Angela. The students from Florida Atlantic University who have gone to my wife's office, stalked her at the FAU Board of Trustee meetings, and sent letters to her company headquarters, end it now. This is not a threat, it is a promise that if Angela calls and tells me of one more incident, you will face me, the side of me that you do not want to see. My wife Angela is an American citizen and if you believe that you can intimidate her to surrender her freedoms you are mistaken. Those left wing groups and lawyers associated with these individuals supporting their antics, I recommend you disassociate yourself. How dare you animals attack my wife and her professional reputation. This is your one and only advisory notice."

In his post, he seemed to have been referring to Saul Alinsky, a community organizer from the 1950s.

He also Tweeted: "To FAU students stalking my wife at Bd of Trustee mtgs, end it now. If u believe you can intimidate her, u are mistaken. Nxt time u face me."

According to students who have recently been involved in protesting the school, at least one intends to file a police report regarding the threat.

FAU police, asked whether any trustees had filed incident reports or reported being threatened or harassed, said that all questions would be referred to FAU's media relations department.

Asked whether the police department is independent of or under the control of FAU's media relations department, a police representative said someone would have to call back.

A call to FAU's Board of Trustees was likewise referred to the media relations office.

We will update if and when people contacted for this story respond. 

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riverrat69 topcommenter

Just when I thought I heard the last of Asshole Allen he comes back to haunt me again. He's like dog shit stuck to my shoe.  Now he's a tough  guy threatening college students. What's next?  Kicking ass at the old folks home?

Sandra Price
Sandra Price

Probably overstating what happened - he needs to crawl back under a rock somewhere and stay

Sheila Pechman
Sheila Pechman

just because he says it's so, doesn't mean it is. I don't believe anything he says.

Steve Beson
Steve Beson

Don't like him but good for him. Going after someone's family isn't cool in my opinion. Don't like him (and i would be with you) then deal with him not his family

Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen

than good for him. nobody should harassed. doesn't matter how you feel about him. but harassing his family members is just wrong


You want to see some scary shit, go to West's Facebook page. His followers have said they will storm the FAU campus and beat up students.

West has devolved into a cult leader.

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