Top Ten Moments of the Miami Heat's 27-Game Winning Streak in GIF Form!

lebron lelbron bomb.jpg
The Miami Heat's epic run at the all-time NBA winning streak came to an end in Chicago on Wednesday night.

And while the HATERZ and media and other various forms of troglodytic internet dwellers are celebrating a regular-season loss that is essentially as meaningless as their lives today, Heat fans are left feeling a little blue.

Perk up, Heat fans! Don't fall for the HATERZ and trolls laughing at your first-place team that happens to have the greatest player in the universe and has gone 27-1 in the past 28 games.

Instead, revel in the awesomeness that was this insane, bananas, smack-your-boss-in-the-dick-with-a-ball-peen-hammer amazeballs winning streak by reliving the Top Ten moments of that streak IN GIF FORM, of course:

10. Remember when the Heat couldn't beat the Indiana Pacers? It's cool. No one remembers that.

9. The Birdman! CAW CAWWW!!

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LOL, only Miami Heat fans consider that 3 on 1 vs Jason Terry as the #1 highlight of a 27 game win streak.


Only Miami Heat Fans can consider a 27 game win streak at all

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