Meet Scott Prouty: Five Things We Learned About the "47 Percent" Cameraman

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Prouty had secrets to spill.
Last night, we discovered the identity of the man who changed the outcome of the 2012 election, vanquishing Mitt Romney once and for all. His name is Scott Prouty.

And he's from South Florida.

YES. Tally a much-needed score for America's most-maligned state.

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Last night, Prouty, a blond bartender -- who looks like he should be ensconced in a cubicle somewhere selling insurance -- went on The Ed Show on MSNBC to spill his trove of secrets.

Here's a sampling, from the man who caught everything at Romney's Boca Raton gathering.

5. Scott Prouty Didn't Plan to Take Down Mitt Romney

"I really had no idea he would say what he did, and I had no idea it was going to be this big thing," Prouty proclaimed. He said he'd only brought his camera along with him because he thought that, perhaps, Mitt Romney would spend some time with the service staff and he didn't want to miss a thing.

He remembered that Bill Clinton had done that at a similar event he'd covered and assumed Romney would follow suit.

4. Scott Prouty Doesn't Know Much About Political Fundraising

This was rather endearing, actually. But Scott Prouty took great umbrage with the fact that a plate of food at the exclusive party cost $50,000.

"I grew up in a blue color area of Boston and no one I know can afford $50,000 for dinner," Prouty said. "There's just no way. I felt like whether you're a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent there's a lot of people who can't afford to pay $50,000 for dinner."

This is all true. But that's not exactly how presidential politics works. Both Romney and Obama (as did Clinton and Reagan) held opulent dinners across the nation to -- gasp! -- make lots more money. If you don't, you don't become president.

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So Moneybags Romney lost the election because he didn’t tip his server or even acknowledge his existence?!  This is simply awesome and shows the true impact of the internet and social media as they have leveled the playing field in politics and our justice system.  All the power garnered by Mitt’s Magic Mormon Underwear couldn’t save him from being exposed by his own petty elitism.  See a portrait of Mittens in his sacred Tighty Whities and read more about the role of money in politics at


Glad he was there to tape this.  Really shows just how much disdain the GOP really has for all the normal people who do not have millions in the bank.


he will probably be sued.

this event was closed to media.  he became media when he released the video. it was also recorded (with audio), without permission.  that is against the law in Fl.  -ask any cop....

He changed the election.  no doubt.  hopefully the DNC will fund his legal defense. 

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Very disjointed and rambling article.


I don't think he'll be sued. Mitt Romney is probably the only person with standing to sue him, and I kinda doubt that is going to happen.

What would be interesting is that the Florida statute you reference above makes it a crime to record conversations. It's a somewhat complicated statute and there are exceptions, so I don't know whether he may have broken the law or not, and I'm not sure where that house is or who has jurisdiction, but potentially I would think he could be charged with a crime. Think Pam Bondi would go after a bartender for something like this? I do.

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